Take Charge of Your Bone Health

There are so many different areas of our health that we must monitor. We’ve discussed the importance of good eye health in the past. However, when was the last time you gave your bone health some thought? Today’s post is meant to kick-start your thinking about what you are doing in your daily life to ensure that you have good bone health. Because our bones are what hold us up, they are a very important part of our body and not to be taken for granted.

When I was young, my Mom made sure that I drank a glass of milk at every meal. She also made sure that we understood just how important our calcium intake was to our overall health. When I was in elementary school, my maternal grandmother fell and broke her hip. I remember my Mom pointing out, once again, how important it was to maintain a consistent calcium intake.

Now a days, we are so much more knowledgeable about how to maintain good bone health.

There are more ways than simply consuming a glass of milk at every meal to keep up your bone health. In fact, I would suggest that there are different ways for you to consider.

Orange Naturals suggests keeping our bones in top shape with adequate calcium, magnesium, vitamins D & K, and important trace minerals like boron and zinc. All of these vitamins and minerals are an integral part in bone metabolism. One way to maintain proper bone health is with the Orange Naturals Bone Health Advanced formula.

Did You Know that Vitamin D3 and K2 are critical for regulating calcium in the body?

These vitamins ensure that calcium gets into the bones and assimilates properly.
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As always, please check with your family doctor before making the decision to start any health related products to your daily routine. This post is meant to be informative and is not meant to supplement advice from your doctor.

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3 Responses to Take Charge of Your Bone Health

  1. kathy downey says:

    Great post you are so correct calcuim is so important at any age!

  2. elizamatt says:

    I take calcium and Vitamin D daily as well as multivitamins. Especially women post-menopause have to do all they can to avoid osteoporosis which I believe is also known as the silent bone killer.

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