How to Teach Children How to Wash Their Hands {Giveaway}

live clean giveaway

My hands ALWAYS have to be clean. I cannot stand it if I have dirty hands. It is to the extreme folks! I am a bit of a germaphobe, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the feeling of “not clean” hands. You know that feeling? Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you weren’t blessed with first child syndrome like I am. Do you know what I’m talking about: first child syndrome? My Mom blames my persistent need to always have clean hands on being a first child. You see, as her first child, she constantly … Continue reading

Yengo Summer Shoes Giveaway

Yengo Summer Shoe Giveaway

Many women are known for their huge shoe collection. I’m not a typical woman in many ways and while I love shoes, the practical person in me has never gone down that path. However, I will tell you when I searched Yengo for a pair of summer shoes, there was great temptation that I didn’t know existed within me. Their wonderful selection of gorgeous, top quality summer shoes was incredible. I got sucked in for a LONG time trying to decide what pair I should choose! I finally landed on the Jambu Blossom Red Sandal Mary Jane. I really liked … Continue reading

Parental Influence


Parents often influence their children more than they realize. More often than not, the influences that stick with us for life are those that come from day to day living. I often wonder what parental influence I will have on my children, what day to day behaviours, actions and choices I make will stick with my children into their adult lives. Growing up, my Mom was in charge of the grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking (among many other very important things). My Dad had some household jobs, but he had a very demanding job that often required him to … Continue reading

How to Make Learning Fun This Summer

Hot Wheels

During the summer, I always try to keep my boys learning. We focus on skills and work through some curriculum. However, I have to balance learning and fun, or I hear “Mom, you make summer boring”. I need to make learning fun this summer! While I will still be doing all of the curriculum and worksheets, there are many other ways to make learning fun this summer: Signing up for the Summer Reading Program through the Public Library. Each year they do a program that the kids get awards for the # of books they have read, and encourages them … Continue reading

Moist Cornbread Recipe

Moist Cornbread

Who knew that we would end up having a family tradition whenever we make ribs, but apparently we do! We have a favourite Cornbread Recipe that we have grown to love and we really enjoy it in combination with delicious BBQ Ribs! We also have a zesty homemade BBQ sauce that we make for the side that I will share with you shortly. This cornbread is beautifully moist thanks to the addition of buttermilk and slightly sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet. It compliments our Dry Rib Rub as it creates something savory and something slightly sweet. A beautiful combination. FINALLY…. … Continue reading

Amazing DRY Rib Rub Recipe

Dry Rib Rub

Growing up, my family made pork spare ribs a bunch of different ways; my mother’s specialty was to cook them in a tomato based stew so that the meat literally fell off the bones, my father slathered them in sauce and cooked them on our gas grill (sometimes – I even shudder to think of it now – he would boil them first – I know, the horror). The problem was, no matter what they tried, they were never able to match my all-time favourite ribs (which came from a locally owned restaurant): they were grilled dry, without any sauce … Continue reading

Well-Being at All Ages

Well Being At all Ages

Our health is so much more than what we feel in our bodies; it also extends to our emotional and mental well-being at all ages and stages of life. Something that might sound like a concern that only an adult would face can affect kids, too, and at all ages – even preschoolers. Pressure, worries, and anxiety are also things young people struggle with as they grow up. As adults, our first thoughts might be to ask, “What do kids have to stress about?” Work, bills, and other responsibilities might top adults’ lists of stressors, but young people have a … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Crafts, Clothing and MORE!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and because many of us struggle with what to give to our own Dads as well as the father of our children, I thought I would pull together some ideas for you to think about. Some Dads are simple and some Dads are so simple, it is impossible to come up with Father’s Day Gift Ideas for them. Which one do you have? If you have a Dad who takes pride in the way his car or bike looks, be sure to check out these amazing Car Wash Mitts and Car Polishing Cloths. They are … Continue reading

SALE EXTENDED: Save with Poster Jack for Father’s Day!

father's day gift ideas

LAST DAY Ends Wednesday at Midnight! Receive 30% off SITE WIDE at Use CODE: Dad30 I find men so challenging to shop for, don’t you? I have a solution for you and you can save 30% off while you do it IF you complete it today. Here are some modern Acrylic Blocks and Wood Stand Prints that would make a perfect Father’s Day gift this year. Dad would be happy and proud to display some lovely photo art on his desk or in his man cave, don’t you think? One year, I took my kids to a local park … Continue reading

Family Bike Adventures (Hot Wheels Helmet Giveaway)

Shari from Knit Wit by Shair shares her adventures with boys and bikes… For most of my childhood we lived in an apartment building. Pretty much all year we were sent outside to play, and we would just run around in the parking lot, or play in the play area. There were tons of kids, and we all just played together. These days, our boys just play together outside usually playing different games in the back yard. But one of the things our boys look forward to the most as soon as the warm weather arrives are the family bike … Continue reading