Let’s Put the FUN Back into Cleaning…Together!

Spring Cleaning Challenge

While some of you may say that you enjoy cleaning, the reality is, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather LIVE more? This month, I will be hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge. I will be sharing some tips, some tricks and some fun challenges in a private group on Facebook throughout the month of April. If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact me to request an invite to the group. Everything is optional, this is simply meant to be a fun way to get some of those Spring cleaning tasks completed in your house while gaining new … Continue reading

Shred Your Private Documents! A Paper Shredder #Giveaway

paper shredder

Did You Know…. Identity theft is the most serious, non-violent crimes and fastest growing type of fraud in North America! It is tax time right now and like many Canadians, I have been sorting through papers, receipts and more for the past few weeks. As I sort through my 2014 papers, I also shred all of the documents that I no longer need from 7 years ago. Did you know that you need to save your last 6 years of tax information and supporting documents? As recommended by the CRA Protect yourself from fraud with a Fellowes 63Cb Paper Shredder! … Continue reading

FREE ADMISSION to the Green Living Show #Toronto

Green Living Show

Since having children, I have gradually become more and more interested in learning how I can live a “greener” life. I have finally figured out how to clean my home in a very green a way with just a cloth and water, but there are so many other areas in our lives that we can be focussing on in order to be more earth friendly and to help our overall health. In order to learn more, I will be heading to The Green Living Show this weekend in Toronto. Will you be joining me? I can help you get in … Continue reading

Yummy and FUN Easter Treats

Easter Treats

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, spring time is a fun time for all of us to celebrate warmer weather, new growth and a fresh start! Kristen from Country Fit Family and I have pulled together a round up of fun Easter/Spring Treats for you to consider making for or with your children. Pastel colours come out in full force in the spring, it reminds me of all of the beautiful flowers that will start to bloom, oh I cannot wait! For me, Spring doesn’t start until I see my very first robin. My son saw one the other day, … Continue reading

Staying Healthy While on Vacation

Staying Healthy While on Vacation

When preparing for a holiday with your family, there is a lot of preparing, planning and organizing to be done. We all want to be sure that we are Staying Healthy While on Vacation. There are some things that we must take into consideration including, but certainly not limited to: the typical weather to be expected the type of food that will be available (particularly for children of individuals with allergies or food sensitivities what comforts from home should be packed for children what regular vitamins, medications or homeopathic remedies need to be packed Orange Naturals has an excellent list … Continue reading

Thomas and Friends Giveaway

Thomas and Friends

When I was young we used to walk over to the Canadian Tire all the time and look at the toys while my Mom would buy things that she needed. One time, I saw a stuffed Dino (From The FlintStones) and it was about 3 feet tall, which at the time was as tall as I was. I happened to have money that I got for my birthday and it was the same amount as this Dino. My Mom let me buy it, but I had to carry it home. I swear it wasn’t heavy when I picked it up, … Continue reading

RSVP NOW for a Fellowes Twitter Party! #FellowesProtects

Fellowes Protects Twitter Party

Did you know that March is Fraud Prevention Month? I try to be very careful with my personal documents and typically err on the side of caution when it comes to destroying any papers with personal information for fear of identity theft. Like Fellowes suggests in the Top 10 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft above, we used to shred every single piece of paper with any trace to us in our home, until one day, I put too many papers at once through my inexpensive paper shredder and it broke. After that, I have had to ask my hubby to … Continue reading

Say Cheese! #Cheesefest via @KraftCanada

cheesey french toast

I have some VERY picky eaters in my house, but one thing that I can always count on is CHEESE! Every afternoon in my house is considered a Cheesefest because that is my son’s preferred after school snack. He loves his cheese melted plain on the plate OR melted on top of crackers. My daughter prefers hers as a piece of cheese. Hubby and I love cheese in a variety of ways. The great thing about cheese is that it is easy to use in a large variety of ways. Calling ALL Cheese Lovers to Cheesefest!   Whether you enjoy … Continue reading

14 Amazing FREE Alphabet Printables

Free ABC Printables

I have a healthy addiction to finding amazing FREE Alphabet Printables, as well as any other kid friendly printable that I can find. I particularly love preschool aged printables. It must be the former Kindergarten teacher in me. So, if you are on the hunt for a free printable in any subject or theme, feel free to contact me to find out if I have already done the searching as I am always happy to share! Perhaps one day I will share links to all of my findings right here on the blog! Until then, Kristen from and I have … Continue reading

Courage and Kindness with Cinderella {Printable}

Have Courage BE KIND printable

On Wednesday night, my 9 year old (almost 10!) daughter and I went on a date night. We truly had an evening of feeling like princesses together from a coach (Go Bus) ride downtown to having an amazing dinner (yay Jack Astors!) to watching the advanced screening of Cinderella (OMG my favourite movie ever)! I love girls night out with my daughter because it always gives us a chance to bond, to catch up and for me to educate and guide her (when needed). Last night, the movie Cinderella did the education and guidance part WAY better than I ever … Continue reading