Get Your Child Organized and in a Routine #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

Artsy Play Wednesday

How much fun would this Summer Scavenger Hunt be one day this summer? Kids LOVE to go on scavenger hunts! This idea includes a free printable for you to use in order to help your children track their discoveries. When a rainy day is looming, it sure would be handy to have a Rainy Day Bin all ready to go filled with fun activities! Kids love to play with wooden blocks! This post shares 6 new ways to play with wooden blocks. This last activity takes a lot of adult assistance and supervision, but once it is made, oh the … Continue reading

Sinful Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry Muffins

I remember when I was in High School, my best friend and I would go strawberry picking together every June. It was our way of de-stressing during exams. Truth be told, I don’t recall what we did with all of the strawberries. Perhaps my Mom used them to bake her famous Strawberry Bread with Strawberry Butter and her delicious Strawberry Freezer Jam. I have continued on this tradition with my children by taking them every year to our local strawberry patch to pick strawberries. They love it so much, I think they would be happy to stay and pick strawberries … Continue reading

Free Printable and Customizable Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Chores or family contributions are important for children as they teach them a sense of responsibility! Do your children do chores? In our house, we prefer to call them Family Contributions, however this summer I have stepped up my expectations. Up until now, during the school year, I expect my children to do some basic family contributions like clearing their place at the table, keeping their rooms clean, tidying up after themselves, etc. Starting last summer, I added a few more expectations as the children are around to help out around the house more. I have created a customizable chore … Continue reading

Summer Crafts for Kids #ArtsyPlay

Summer Crafts for Kids

We chose a few linked up crafts from last week to share with you here today as we believe they would make fun activities for a rainy day. These summer craft ideas for kids really would be fun any time during the year! Summer Crafts for Kids Have you ever read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle? It is one of my FAVOURITE books and children love it too as it reads REALLY well as a read aloud book due to the rhyming and rhythm of the text. On a rainy day, why not head … Continue reading

Canadian Content on Netflix #StreamTeam

Little Kid Canadian Content Netflix Shows

I always love to find new ways to teach my children about Canada, the country that we live in. There is all kinds of history that I would like them to learn (history that admittedly, I need to brush up on!), there are many famous Canadian people, a ton of beautiful hidden gems in Canadian geography AND there is some great Canadian television content! Why not snuggle up with your kids, grab a snack (perhaps some Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies and enjoy some good Canadian Content on Netflix together? All of the shows below were either filmed in Canada, take … Continue reading

Parenting Styles in the World Today

Modern Day Parenting

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t written a piece before where I share my strong opinions on a topic quite as strongly as I do in this one. I want everyone to know, PRIOR to reading this, that while I do have my strong opinions, I am VERY open (and encourage) others opinions and respect the fact that my opinions are NOT right, they are simply opinions! I am writing this post in hopes to start an open and respectful dialogue amongst parents. Will you join me? Anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE to discuss parenting. I love to hear … Continue reading

Join Me in the Clean Water Campaign! #CleanWater #PGMom


How many times in a day does CLEAN WATER touch your family’s life? Did you know that approximately one billion people in the developing world* do not have the same luxury, and diseases from contaminated water are killing more children every day than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined*. *Source: World Health Organization Walmart and P&G have put together a Clean Water Campaign to help provide clean drinking water to children in the developing world through a water purifying technology developed by P&G. One small purification packet quickly turns 10 litres of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean, drinkable water! For every … Continue reading

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer with These Activities! #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}


For children, summertime is typically the most fun time of the year! The weather is good (most of the time) and they get to play outdoors A LOT! I am a HUGE believer in letting children play by using their imaginations and just having good, old fun. BUT… Sometimes children come to you muttering those terrible words “I’m bored” and then what? That is what Artsy Play Wednesday is for. Use it as a resource to pin and bookmark some activities that you would like to try out with your children this summer. We’ve got some amazing and FUN Summer … Continue reading

Have you Visited a Parks Canada Park This Summer? {#Giveaway} #TrySomethingFresh

Parks Canada Giveaway

Have you ever visited one of Parks Canada Parks? There are many parks across Canada to discover! My family are definitely not campers, although I would like to TRY “Glamping” to see if I could convince my hubby to embrace the outdoors. I grew up cottaging as a child. Every summer, we would spend our vacation up North. We were very fortunate to have a gorgeous park near our cottage and I learned to appreciate very quickly everything that parks have to offer! You could WIN an exciting 3 day, 2 night Parks Canada Family Adventure (worth over $5000) by … Continue reading

Enjoy Coffee with Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods #KraftMeACoffee

Kraft K cups

Have you tried the Keurig®* Compatible Pods? Maxwell House Keurig®*Compatible Pods Nabob Keurig®*Compatible Pods Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods These pods are available at your local grocery store, in fact, I recently saw them at my local store in a HUGE display at the front: My favourite brand was the Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods! I find it the smoothest out of all of them. It provides me with a deliciously rich, full-bodied cup (or cups, depending on how my night goes the night before) of coffee in the morning! The Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods are available in two varieties: Dark House Blend and Dark … Continue reading