Decorating for Halloween {Giveaway}

Happy Halloween

This past weekend, my children and I decorated for Halloween. I absolutely LOVE to decorate for Halloween. The kids get SO excited and the fun decorations bring such joy and excitement into our home. One of my favourite stores that make such fun and CUTE (because I’m not all about the scary side) decorations is Hallmark. Hallmark always has such a fun variety of decorations for every holiday. While the children and I LOVE decorating for Halloween, I know my husband starts to cringe a wee bit inside. Halloween brings EXTRA excitement and noise to our home, which sometimes…..well, watch … Continue reading

Cream of Mushroom Soup #CarnationSoups

Cream of Mushroom Soup

What’s better to prepare on a cool Fall day than some warm, creamy and delicious soup?! This time, I selected some Cream of Mushroom soup and here is how it all began… The recipe that I used calls for Carnation® Evaporated Milk. Did you know that Carnation Evaporated Milk is just milk with about half of the water removed? Less water makes the milk richer and creamier in taste and is a perfect (and easy) addition when cooking for the family. In fact, because you can add water (1:1) to Carnation Evaporated Milk to make it like regular milk, it … Continue reading

Artsy Play Wednesday – Water Beads Giveaway {Linky}

Calming Jars with Water Beads Canada

Earlier today, I shared a post on how to make a Calming Jar with your children using Water Beads. Each 10g pack of Water Beads makes approximate 4 cups (1-litre) once hydrated! I encourage you to head over to that Calming Jar post to learn more about our experience with Water Beads from the Dollar Store compared to ones from Water Beads Canada. It’s a Water Beads Giveaway! Prize: 11 Packs of Regular Water Beads (all different colours) 7 Packs of Pastel Water Beads (all different colours) 4 Packs of Large Water Beads (all different colours) $49.50 Value Open to: … Continue reading

Water Beads – an AMAZING Activity for Children {DISCOUNT}

Calming Jars with Water Beads Canada

What are Water Beads?   Water Beads are colourfast, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly “beads” that are a super absorbent polymer with the capability to absorb 80 – 100 times their dry weigh in water. Water beads can be used as a clean soil alternative for growing plants, decreasing your water time to every 3 – 5 weeks. They can also be used for colour and texture in floral arrangements, and most importantly (in my world), they can be used for activities for children! Water beads are shipped in a dehydrated, bead-like state. You simply add water and watch them grow, … Continue reading

Have you Heard of the #CheeriosEffect? {Giveaway}

It is important to take a minute or two as often as you can to think about the people that are most important in your life. Better yet, let them know how important they are by creating your own unique video (it is SUPER easy and takes less than a minute) to send to them. It sometimes takes seconds, but when we reach out to our friends and our family, it can mean so much to them! In today’s world, we live such busy lives. It is so important to take the time to stop and think. To help celebrate … Continue reading

50 Amazing Ways to Steal One on One Time With Your Kids

50 Amazing Ways to Steal Time with Your Kids

I have been focussing a lot lately about how important it is to plan specific one on one time with your children. Why? Those special moments show your child how important they are, it reinforces how much you care and it allows you an opportunity to deepen your connection and bond with your child. Sometimes, finding special moments to spend that one on one time with your child can be a challenge, but thankfully Karen from Simply Fun Families has made it SO easy for you! Not only has Karen created a special book with 50 AMAZING ideas for spending … Continue reading

PlasmaBike Giveaway


Do you know a toddler who would enjoy a new outdoor toy? The PlasmaBike might be just the right toy! If you’re interested in reading all about one Mom’s thoughts on the PlasmaBike, feel free to head over to Naturally Cracked to read her PlasmaBike Review! Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win in this PlasmaBike Giveaway! It’s Giveaway Time! Prize: PlasmaBike Open to: Canada and Continental USA (not Hawaii or Alaska) Giveaway Ends: October 14, 2014, midnight a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pumpkin Ideas for Kids {Linky}

Pumpkin Memory Game

There is no denying it now, it is definitely Fall! During the fall, there are apples, leaves and pumpkins absolutely everywhere we look. Today, I would like to feature a few of my favourite pumpkin ideas for kids from crafts to fun food and even a game! Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be just left for Halloween. Why not consider giving your child a pumpkin early and let their imagination go wild! Click on the image above for more kid friendly pumpkin decorating ideas. It is no secret, that I really do love to see fun food ideas! While we … Continue reading

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Review

Recently, I was offered an opportunity to review the EX6100 WiFi Range Extender from Netgear. I jumped at the chance because our household WiFi router is located where it is most convenient for my wife in our kitchen in a monstrosity of a cabinet so my wife – who doesn’t have to service it – does not have to look at it. The problem is, our kitchen is on the first floor, and our bedroom (where the second television – and its poor-antenna endowed “smart” blu-ray cousin) is on the second floor. Unfortunately, this means our blu-ray cannot establish a … Continue reading

Protect Your Child’s Bed at Night with @PeapodMats (waterproof breathable bed pads) {Giveaway}

Does your child still wet the bed at night? Do you stumble into your child’s room half asleep needing to change their sheets?This was me multiple times a week until I found PeapodMats! These waterproof breathable bed pads make night time accidents so much easier to manage.   The 3×3 mat sits on top of your child’s fitted sheet and DOESN’T MOVE when your child wiggles around! This means that when they have an accident, it will hit the waterproof mat! Changing the bed when your child has an accident is SO easy. It is as simple as taking off … Continue reading