Decluttered – Feeling Lighter! #40bags40days

Well, yes, I can share that I am feeling lighter! It is truly amazing just how much clutter weighs you down. You don’t realize it until you free yourself from it and the weight that gets lifted is incredible.

Today is officially Day 9 of #40bags40days and I can’t believe how much I have decluttered already!

This week, the major spaces that I tackled in my home were my basement and my office kitchen. As I have shared before, there isn’t one room in my home that I can say is clutter free, so instead of making a plan of attack, I am simply choosing a job every day that I stumble across or that someone my hubby complains about.

This Week’s Decluttering Highlights…

Toys – It is very important to me that I help my children learn how to get rid of items that they no longer need. Many of us attach ourselves emotionally to items and my children are no exception. However, they simply cannot keep every single toy that they receive. My children have three places in our home where they store toys: their bedrooms, the kitchen (we have an Ikea shelf) and the basement (shelves and bins/boxes).

My daughter has almost outgrown every single toy that she has ever played with, except her Maplelea Doll which she still loves. She had a couple of bins in the basement filled with toys that she was hanging onto that I encouraged her to sort with me so that we could donate the ones that she no longer used. Most of them, she had no problem agreeing to donate, but when it came to her dolls and doll clothes, we hit an emotional string. Specifically, she had two dolls (with a bunch of clothing) that she NEVER plays with, but she remembers playing with and so she had a hard time letting them go. We spoke about how we cannot keep everything and she hasn’t touched these items in likely over a year, so it was time to say goodbye. She laid everything out and I took a photo for her so that can always remember them.
Declutter Dolls
Apparently, we didn’t know that my son has had his eyes on my daughter’s boy baby for quite some time, so my daughter gave it to my son, which he was thrilled about (and secretly so was my daughter because it meant the baby wasn’t leaving our house just yet). But other than that doll, everything in this pile is being donated.

I specifically remember being a child and having an extremely difficult time letting go of any of my toys. I am trying to teach my children to be accountable for their own items and helping them to learn how to make decisions about what to keep and what to donate so that they learn this very important skill. Likely, I could have taken those dolls out of my daughter’s room and she wouldn’t have realized it for months, however, she wouldn’t have learned how to let go of items that she is no longer using. This is a life skill that clearly I never have learned as well as I should have, so I am trying to start early with my children.

Games: My children have collected quite a few games over the past few years. This is a good thing, but somehow, I started to store them up high on top of our kitchen storage unit/desk where the kids cannot reach. It involved an adult standing on a chair to get a game down for the children to play. So, together, we sorted through the games and I have put them in one of the toy bins that we emptied out and it now lives in the basement so that the children can get a game out whenever they wish independently.
Decluttered Games

Basement Pantry: I have no image to share of this job and the truth is, I will have plenty of opportunities to take more as I have only started organizing our basement. I explain what I did in this video here:

One goal that I have for 2015 is to take more videos to share with you. What do you think?

Business Paperwork I am going to get into more detail about how I am organizing my office paperwork in a separate post, but basically I had papers, files, products and photography stuff all over my kitchen which was starting to overrun our living space. SO, I bought a large filing box and this week, I sorted through some of my papers and recycled a bunch of papers that I’m not using anymore.

This week, I gave my neighbour a HUGE box of toys, I accumulated a bag of clothing to give to my sister, I donated quite a few bags to a local charity and I have another box of toys that I am adding to along with a garbage bag that is half full.

What have you Decluttered this week?

Each Friday I will be sharing an update of how what I have decluttered in my home. I hope you will follow me and perhaps even become motivated to clean out your living space of things that you no longer need. Please also feel free to join me on Facebook on a daily basis to share with me your progress if you have decided to join me in this challenge.

What area in your home needs to be DECLUTTERED?

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