The information in this post is for, as of 2013, I am using and there is a whole new set of instructions for how to back up your blog!
See my post on How to Back Up Your Blog Content AND Template for more updated information.

Now that Blogger is back up, I wanted to write a post about backing up your blogs, for all of you bloggers out there 🙂 This is something you should all do on a regular basis and I’m sure you’ve all learned your lesson, just like I did!

Here’s how in Blogger:
Export Your Blog
Download Blog
*Save your blog to your computer*

It has been recommended to me (by my personal computer advisor – my hubby) that when I write my posts that I should write them in notepad or another editor, save them and then copy them over to blogger. This way, they are always backed up elsewhere and I will never lose a post again.

UPDATE: Maple Leaf Mommy mentioned to me that she didn’t realize what backing up your blog this way meant. If you do this, you can create a “Test Blog” in your Dashboard that is only viewed by you (if you need help doing this, send me an email!) and then upload your backed up template and then you will be able to view and copy your lost posts from there. Thanks, Maple Leaf Mommy for helping me clarify this.

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2 Responses to INFO: BACK UP YOUR BLOGS!

  1. I thought that just backed up your blog template/html? Does it actually grab your posts and comments?! If so, I should be doing this FAR more often.

  2. Deanna says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be retweeting this, as I think it’s def. something everyone on Blogger should see.

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