Sorting Through Our Children’s Clothing!

It’s that time of year again when we tend to do a HUGE re-organization around here. We have piles and boxes and bags of children’s clothing in our basement just waiting to be sorted through.

Some of it will be donated. Some of it will be given to friends and some of it will hopefully be sold so that we can buy more children’s clothes!

Is it just me or when you have young kids in your house, does it not seem like you go through children’s clothing like you go through toilet paper? It seems like with every load of laundry that I do, I am putting at least one or two (if not more) items aside that don’t fit my children any more. I find it difficult to keep on top of the clothing that doesn’t fit anymore.

Here is my system:

When I notice something is too small, I try to remember (and with my Mommy brain, we will use that term loosely!) so that when it comes out of the clean laundry, I put it in a garbage bag or box in my closet to be set aside and not refolded to be put away. Once a bag or box gets full, down it goes into the basement.

Then, once I get a couple of bags or boxes full of clothing, it is sorting time. I sort the clothing into type, outfits, season etc. I also sort according to donations, giveaway to friends and for sale and then I re-pile into boxes or bags.

Next comes the part that I need to work on. My challenge is actually getting rid of the clothing! It sits and sits in the basement until it becomes a tripping hazard and either I start to feel it is a problem or more than likely, my husband starts to complain about it. This is when I actually do something about it.

I need to take a tip from my organizing friend, the Organizing Junkie and clean out things as we are finished with them! That way clutter doesn’t start to accumulate like it has in our basement in its current state.

How do you deal with children’s clothing in your house? Do you have a system that works for you?

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  1. Shairbearg says:

    I have 3 boys, so generally it goes from 1 closet to the next, but now that the baby is done with it here is how I do it:
    I usually realize it’s too small as I am putting it on, so I have an open box in his room, and when I go to put it on and it’s too small, I throw it in the box. When it’s full I usually grab another box. After a few i put them downstairs to wait for the next sale. However just recently hubby’s work had a clothing donation so I put most in there, but there was a few things that I thought I could sell, so I saved those. Packed it all up and it’s now at my MILs waiting for a garage sale!

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