A Rockstar Fundraiser for Mental Health

My friend Judy Brunton in my world is a hero. She is a hero for Mental Health Awareness. This woman is known around her community as someone who is extremely passionate about raising awareness and funds for mental health. If you are local to the Greater Toronto Area and you would like to support one of her biggest fundraising efforts, you can attend her Annual Fundraiser for Mental Health this Saturday, November 3 from 10am – 4pm.

If you want to be inspired by someone who truly cares about people, her family and her community, get to know Judy a bit better by reading her story below.

mental-health-awarenessI have been married to my husband for 16 years and we are the proud parents of 2 healthy boys. When I was growing up, I always wanted to help kids. This led me to fundraise for two different organizations.

Back in 2014 I was trying to find a different fundraiser to participate in since my then 7 year old son loved to ride his bike. I accidentally came across the Ride Don’t Hide GTA, which is put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association York and South Simcoe. Right then, I knew I had to do this.

My extremely strong sister was diagnosed when she was a teenager with her first mental illness. I admire her for her strength. My passion for mental health awareness started in honor of Laurie, my sister. I do this also in memory of my big brother Dave and my cousin Geoff – who both suffered and sadly passed away.


I fundraise for Mental Health Awareness for my family members who have been affected by Mental Health

My sisters, Laurie and Ally, my big brother Dave and my cousin Geoff
are my strength to keep doing what I am doing.

I commit to raise awareness and funds for youth on a daily basis. I want them to receive the help that my sister experienced as a teen. Everyone, especially youth, deserve the best mental health care and support they can get. They don’t always get this care from home, so the money I raise helps them get it elsewhere.

One of the largest initiatives that the money I raise goes towards is the MOBYSS youth mobility clinic. Youth aged 12-24 can go on this bus and get immediate help by speaking with a nurse practioner, child and youth worker, and a peer support specialist. Topics of support include: mental, physical and sexual health concerns. Thanks to the MOBYSS bus – we have been able to save a number of youth who were in an acute suicide state. Since ten people die by suicide in Canada each day, having these resources are so very crucial.

I raise awareness and funds by hosting a number of 3rd party fundraisers. Over the past 4 years, I have raised just over $60,000 – and am hoping to raise another $25K for the June 2019 Ride Don’t Hide. I have been setting my goal at $20K each year in order to raise money so we can have these programs (which are not free) offered to as many youth as possible.

My largest fundraiser I do every year has (for the past 3 years) brought in $6K alone

I am hoping that this years One Stop Shopping Event in York Region will bring in $8K.

The OSS for Youth Mental Health is a fundraiser I hold on the first Saturday of every November at the Newmarket Community Centre. This event includes over 40 vendors , a pampering area where guests will pay money to receive different services (hair, makeup, manicure, massage, photography, psychic and medium readings), a large silent auction area and more. This event gets better each year with the support of our community.

I know the importance isn’t just about raising money as awareness is so important too. I do feel that the money will help get the programs running and keep them running.

You can learn more here:

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