Coffee is Mommy’s “Happy Juice”! #KraftMeACoffee {Giveaway}

My husband calls coffee “Mommy’s happy juice”. I completely understand why! Coffee is a HUGE part of my morning routine and if this Mommy goes without, it sets my day off to a bad start. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the taste of coffee, but it is also the routine of sitting down to drink a hot cup of joe that I just can’t seem to go without.

Kraft K cups


Did you know that Kraft Canada has recently come out with new Kraft Keurig®*Compatible Pods?!

There are three different brand options, each offering their own unique and delicious taste:
Maxwell House Keurig®*Compatible Pods
Nabob Keurig®*Compatible Pods
Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods

Gevalia K cups

I was at my local grocery store just this week and look what display was at the front of the store:

Kraft K cups

I enjoy a rich, smooth coffee and I have to say that the Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods gave me just that! I sampled the GEVALIA KAFFE Signature Blend and from the moment I opened the package, my senses were awakened with that familiar, wonderfully rich coffee scent. When I tasted the coffee, I was pleased to discover a smooth coffee with no bitterness.

I know that your mouth is now watering and the coffee loving fans that you are just cannot wait to get your paws on some of these new Kraft Keurig®*Compatible Pods, right?

HURRY! Enjoy a box of Maxwell House, Gevalia or Nabob Keurig®* Compatible Pods with this $1 off coupon!


Prize: 10 Winners will receive a sample pack of the 3 new pod flavours (~arv $30/winner).
Winners will also be invited to come back on July 14, 2014 to comment on my Kraft Keurig® Compatible Pods PART 2 blog post for a chance to win the grand prize giveaway!
(details to come)!
Open to: Canadian Residents only
Giveaway Ends: June 10, 2014 23:59pm

*Works with Keurig• brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue® coffee makers.
Although this post has been generously sponsored by Kraft Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Kraft Canada.

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  2. dewinner says:

    I love that so many brands are making the pods now!! I am still looking for the Kona coffee that use to come in pods but no luck, let me know if you ever see any, thanks! (Doris C)

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