18 Responses to Proud of Whooo? {Wordless Wednesday} w/LINKY

  1. That card is too cute! The flowers are pretty too. 🙂

  2. Mystery Case says:

    Just gorgeous! Love the flowers.

  3. Nicole says:

    Oh my gosh!! That is so sweet!

  4. caty says:

    they’re so supportive, love the gesture:)

    Visiting from wordless, here’s my entry


  5. Joyce Lansky says:

    I used to love getting flowers for my little dancers. It means so much to them.


  6. Paula Schuck says:

    That is so sweet! And pretty. Flowers always cheer me up.

  7. Sheryl says:

    My kids are in a recital next week and I may just borrow your family’s cute card idea. Adorable!

  8. mamawee says:

    such a cute note! I am sure your kids were happy to receive the flowers!

  9. That is so sweet!!! This year was my 4 yr old’s first ballet recital and she was totally excited to receive flowers from Daddy, Lola, and Grampy!

    Love the cute card, btw!

  10. Kristen says:

    Cute idea and beautiful flowers!

  11. aww what a sweet card. Super cute!

  12. Monica says:

    Super cute, I bet they loved the sweet note and the flowers!

  13. that is pretty darn cute!

  14. Did you know that many of the world’s carnations are grown in Colombia (that’s where I was born). They look lovely!

  15. Such I nice idea! My girls would enjoy this!

  16. Victoria S says:

    Aw that note is super cute! What a great touch.

    Victoria Ess

  17. Judy C says:

    Cute card and beautiful flowers!

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