Fancy Tape Hearts {CRAFT}

Have you even seen fancy ribbon tape or washi tape rolls and not known exactly what they are used for? Decorative tapes have a variety of uses. Today, I am sharing just one craft idea that requires decorative tape for Valentine’s Day. Materials Required: cardstock scissors decorative tape pencil Directions: Think about the size of heart you would like to make and cut decorative tapes to a slightly larger width than the desired outcome. Cut a piece of card stock in a rectangle or square shape and stick the tape in rows. Continue sticking tape down in rows until they … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Card Workshop

Have you ever noticed that a pinch of creative inspiration can set the stage for a day (or even a week) of crafting fun? A few times a year, a little corner of our busy kitchen gets a mini reno to inspire the crafting spirit in all of my children … not to mention me ! We are at it again this Valentine’s season with our Valentine Card Workshop fully decked out with everything we need to get busy making homemade cards for a few special someones. If you’re like me, you have a room full of organized crafting supplies … Continue reading

Announcing Daily Valentine’s Day Ideas…

I have put up a Valentine’s Day Ideas page where you can go to to see an updated list of fun crafts, activities, food ideas and more. You can locate the idea page at the top of my blog on the Nav Bar where you see links to my Home Page, About, Giveaways, Recipes etc. Go ahead, check it out now if you wish as I have already listed ideas from previous years. Each day, I will be featuring new Valentine’s Day ideas, many of them will come from Karen from Simply Fun Families. Karen is one amazing Mom and … Continue reading

A Fun FAMILY Tradition for Valentine’s Day

Have you ever had the experience of an afternoon’s unexpected adventure becoming a much loved family tradition? This is just how our family began our tradition of holding a “Grand Ball” right in our own home. With Valentine’s Day approaching and falling on a weekend this year, I thought it was the perfect time to share this fun family tradition. Unbeknownst to me as I prepared dinner one afternoon, my husband and daughter were hard at work formulating an evening of family fun. They quietly crafted personalized invitations for me and my son to join them for a Grand Ball … Continue reading

A Triple Feature Valentine’s Day Round-Up ~ Artsy Play Wednesday {LINKY}

Hosted by: Capri + 3Multi-Testing MommyShannon’s View From HereBaby Giveaways Galore Welcome to Artsy Play Wednesday, a weekly post featuring activities, crafts, recipes and more wonderful ideas to share with your children! Each week, we will have a Featured Activity for you to check out along with an opportunity for you to link up your child friendly activities or to check out ideas for you to do with your children! If you are a blogger and you have a post that you would like to be featured, please fill out this Featured Post form. Our Special Featured Guest Hosts This … Continue reading

It’s All About the Little Things We Do For Each Other! #PGMom

I am a very lucky lady and I count my blessings for it every single day! The events of yesterday and today are a great example! I was suffering from a really terrible migraine all day yesterday. My hubby rushed home early from work (because it was Valentine’s Day) to cook our family a delicious steak and risotto dinner that thankfully I was able to enjoy (and then some!–I hadn’t eaten all day). Right after dinner, my migraine hit a high and unfortunately, I spent the rest of the night on the couch and I went to bed at 8pm … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

Valentine's Day Printables for Kids

I have an obsession with collecting printables for my children! Holidays are always a great time to have fun with your kids and these Valentine’s Day Printables for kids are a great way to do that. My kids love to do paper/pencil tasks and ask almost every day for me to print off a new activity or colouring sheet for them. I have found some wonderful resources for Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids! I was inspired by Moms and Munchkins Printables for Valentine’s Day post! Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids Blank Heart Messages Valentine’s Day Compound Words Dot-to-Dots Colouring Pages … Continue reading