Use @CommandBrand Clear Hooks to Get Organized for The School Year! {#GIVEAWAY} #Canadian

As I mentioned earlier this week, this time of year marks organization for me! It’s all about starting new routines and getting organized for a new school year. One product that I have found very helpful in our home is Command Brand hooks! I love how the new Command Clear hooks are easy to put up, removable, damage free and invisible. The clear hooks are less intrusive than other coloured hooks, but become very useful when the need for a hook arises. We use hooks in our closets and in the kitchen to hang the kids’ lunch bags.Would you like … Continue reading

Make Your Entrance Welcoming with @CanadaMats {GIVEAWAY}

I don’t know about you, but once August hits and the weather often starts to cool down, the smell of the upcoming Fall gives me the same inspiration to freshen up the house as the spring air does. Please don’t tell me that I’m the only person who gets that urge to clean up after the summer! Some potted Mums on the front porch and a brand new personalized door mat from Canada Mats definitely will freshen up our entrance way to our house! Oh, and I guess I should get the broom out and give the porch a good … Continue reading

Get Organized with @OliversLabels for Back to School

Oliver’s Labels is a Canadian Company that sells personalized labels for all occasions including Back to School, Summer Camp, Daycare, every day use, Allergy Information and more! They offer over 40 great designs, including my favourite, Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear! The great selection of designs at Oliver’s Labels appeal to all ages from infants up to tweens, teens and adults! The labels themselves are VERY durable (we have been testing them out in our house with my “not so gentle kids” for a couple of years now!) and are made from high-performance, waterproof, and … Continue reading

OxiClean MaxForce Pure Whites #GIVEAWAY

We received an OxiClean MaxForce Pure Whites basket full of stain fighting power just in time for the kids’ soccer season to begin. It was purely a coincidence that the package came with a soccer ball, but it certainly did help to give me the visual of the muddy and grassy stains that I would be fighting this summer. Luckily, my son’s uniform is dark green, but my daughter’s is light blue – the perfect colour to show lots of stains! I almost fell over when the winning team got dragged through the mud by their coach on the very … Continue reading

Dine & Dish with @DawnDish {GIVEAWAY} #PGMom

I was really bummed to not have the opportunity to see John Catucci, celebrity host of Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here! live at Yonge Dundas Square earlier this month where Canadians were invited to dine on free poutine in exchange for washing their dish with Ultra Dawn. Yes! You read that right! There was FREE Poutine!!! Well, let me tell you, I was inpsired so I created my own Poutine Recipe that I called Poutine a la Stroganoff…Check out all of the fun that they had the event: Did you miss the event too? Well, don’t you worry … Continue reading

Hooked On Hostas

Recently , we shared a gardening idea called “Thrill, Fill and Spill”. There were hostas as well as annual begonia, impatiens and becopa in the pot arrangement. Choosing white flowers makes them pop in the shade. A bit of morning sun and then shade during the hot afternoon sun keeps them thriving. When the hosta flower starts to die, just cut it off at the base. The leaves are the main event anyway.The hostas can be removed in the fall and planted in the garden. It is very convenient to have them when there is little selection at the garden … Continue reading

The “Thrill, Fill, Spill” Method for Planting a Container or Urn

My Mom is an amazing gardener! She uses her inspiring creativity so well in her garden. This year, she has taught me about the Thrill, Spill and Fill Method for planting in containers and urns. Thrill In this image, the large hosta is the thrill with the tall flower. After the flower is done the hosta will grow up to 21 inches tall. Fill Fill is a tuberous begonia, a double impatiens and a Baby Bunting hosta. Spill Spill is a becopa. Keep the Squirrels Away! The pine cones deter the squirrels from digging. They love potting soil!Here is another … Continue reading

Before You Say “I DO” to Your Contractor {Kohler Moxie™ Showerhead G!VEAWAY!}

When looking for a contractor, looks can be deceiving so it is important to do your research. Veteran contractors Manny and Anderson at Hardcore Renos always tell their clients that you wouldn’t say “I DO” on a first date so don’t do it with a contractor. Even if it is a referral, make sure you do a thorough background check. How many times have your friends said ”I know just the right person for you”? Hardcore Renos recommends that you consider these 10 points before you take the plunge with a contractor: The Dating period: The contractor you choose will … Continue reading

I Encourage YOU to Take the Pine-Sol Challenge too! {G!VEAWAY}

Did you know that Pine-Sol has the power to clean so many different areas inside and outside of your house including your laundry, floors, appliances, counter tops, patios, toilets, concrete and more! The strong cleaning power has been in effect since 1929, that’s a long time! I was super excited to take the Pine-Sol Challenge! There were some neglected areas in my house that required some special attention. One of those places was our recycling and garbage bins inside the house. Grime piles up and it is one of those chores that I haven’t seemed to find the time for … Continue reading

Dine & Dish with @DawnDish {EVENT and RECIPE}

FUN EVENT – June 5th, 2013On Wednesday, June 5th, Food Network’s John Catucci will be hosting Dine & Dish with Dawn – a pop-up poutinerie at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, where the poutine is free if you clean your own dish with Dawn Ultra. That’s right; if you eat it –you clean it! I created my very own Poutine a la Stroganoff recipe because it was the perfect food to put Dawn to the test! Poutine a la Stroganoff Ingredients: frozen french fries meatballs cheese curds brown gravy (or your own stroganoff sauce) Directions:Step 1:Cook frozen french fries in the … Continue reading