Tackle It Tuesday: Paperwork Organization (bills etc.)

Today’s “Tackle” is Paper. There seems to be paper everywhere. There’s newspapers, mail, school work, home drawings, receipts and more. I constantly struggle with paper organization. How long do you keep your paperwork like visa bills, insurance papers, tax folders etc.? Seriously, please leave me a comment and let me know. I want to know I’m not the only freak…or if I am! I keep the last seven years of tax purposes and I keep a few years of paperwork bills (although most of our bills are electronic now, thank goodness!). My hubby thinks I’m nuts for my paperwork files! … Continue reading

Organization Roadblock? Enter: Rubbermaid’s Ask the Organizer

Last week, I wrote a post called January is Organization Month. Around here, I am always striving to get more organized. However, it seems that whenever I get one part of the house organized, another falls apart. I struggle to stay on top of all of the “stuff”, clutter, toys, paperwork and more! Join me this month here on Multi-Testing Mommy for some great organization tips, challenges, inspiration and information. Today, I am going to share with you Rubbermaid’s Ask the Organizer tool. You can submit an organizing question to the group of professional organizers and hopefully your question will … Continue reading

January is Organization Month

I don’t know about you, but my house gets all out of sorts during the month of December. Here is a list of the many things that I find challenging during the month of December: taking down year round decorations to make room for holiday ones storing holiday baking organizing gift wrapping and making room to wrap gifts storing gifts storing wrapped gifts putting away gift wrapping items finding a new home for new gifts making room for the Christmas Tree I’m sure there are more things, but between all of this and the holiday craziness, our house seems to … Continue reading

12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop

It’s that time of the year when many people are thinking about the upcoming Holidays, the celebrations, the friends and family and the gifts! Welcome to 12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop hosted by Tales From the Nursery, Formula Mom, and Mama on a Green Misson. There’s over $5,000 in prizes offered to help you get the gifts you need this holiday season. After you are done entering our giveaway you’ll want to check out everyone else’s AND enter for a chance to win one of three GRAND prizes sponsored by Kudzoom! Each blog you stop and enter at … Continue reading