We Women Need to Talk With One Another More Openly!

I’m not sure why, but growing up, I wasn’t comfortable talking about my body with others. Not my Mom, not my sister and definitely not my friends. I was shy and embarassed.

As soon as I became a Mom to a daughter, I definitely knew that I wanted to help her feel much more comfortable about her body than I ever was or have been!


At first, I had absolutely no idea how I would accomplish this, but slowly the answer became clear and VERY simple!

It’s all about communication!

Us girls, we like to talk! So, what I did was talk to my daughter about absolutely everything. I’ve been very open with her about my body, her body, the birds and the bees, you name it and so far, it has paid off.

This post was inspired this morning by my hygenist. She is such a sweet woman and I am so lucky to have gotten to know her over the past 10 years! I love chatting (as much as one can with dental tools in their mouth) with my hygenist and today, I enjoyed it that much more. We reached a more personal level and you know what, it was ok!

She thanked me at the end of our talk for being so open with her and she commented that women need to be more open with one each other because we can truly help one another!

What did we talk about that was so personal? Well, so that I am not all talk and no action, I will share with you! We talked about many things, but the most personal one was about how I use a Lunette Cup.

I was first introduced to the idea of using a menstral cup after my daughter was born. I actually went so far as to purchase one, but I chickened out and I returned it (unopened, of course!).

Then, one day, not too long after I started this blog, I met the woman behind Be Prepared Period and once again, I was taught how to be open about being a woman and to feel comfortable. I actually won a Lunette Cup from one of their Tweet Chats and I decided to give it a try.

It was a very steep learning curve and quite a big jump of comfort levels for me, but I am happy to report that I now use a menstral cup every month and I love it!

After talking with a few other women who used them, asking lots of questions and practicing different techniques for inserting and removing the cup, I have mastered it and I won’t ever go back.

Not only is the cup comfortable (I did end up trimming the stem off in order to achieve this comfort), but it is super easy to use (once you get over the initial learning curve) and super convenient.

So ladies, let’s talk! Do you have any questions for me?!

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3 Responses to We Women Need to Talk With One Another More Openly!

  1. Victoria S says:

    I totally agree with the entire post, and I LOVE menstrual cups, although I use a different brand. I find them way more convenient and less messy than tampons/pads.

    Victoria Ess

  2. Susan T. says:

    I know a lot of women love the cup but I’m a little unsure about it and have never tried one.

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