As My Friend’s Daughter Goes off to Daycare

I write this post with tears in my eyes as I try to be the supportive friend to my girl friend whom I’ve known since high school.

Her daughter is almost one and I just cannot believe, once again, how much time flies in the life of a little one.

This friend, who at one point of time in her life, didn’t know if she would become a parent, is truly one of the most amazing mothers I know! She has embraced motherhood with such beauty and grace, words cannot begin to describe.

Today, I am crying tears. Tears of sadness for my friend as her daughter turns one and she has to go back to work. Tears of sadness as I watch yet another special little person in my life grow up way to fast and tears of happiness that I have such a special friend that has included me in her journey of motherhood.

Like with most new parents, my friend’s journey has not been perfectly smooth. There have definitely been bumps in the road, but the most inspirational part is that she takes each one in stride and always sees the positive.

This friend of mine is a gem! She is truly incredible, inspirational and I just love her to bits and pieces.

I will stand beside her as her rock while she enters a new phase of her life as a working Mom and in the privacy of my home, I will shed a few tears for her because I know how much she is struggling with this transition.

Every transtition that we go through in life and every challenge that comes our way helps us to become stronger individuals.

So, to my dear friend, here’s to hoping that your strengh from this comes sooner rather than later. I have absolutely NO doubt that you can do this and that your sweet, darling daughter will thrive and make you proud.

I will leave you with a link to an article written by a Mom, looking back upon her 4 year old’s life and looking forward to the road ahead. My friend shared it with me in her monthly “baby update” and I thought it was so well written and I know that many parents can relate.

The Last Time
This is an article written by Devon Corneal about how we mark down firsts as parents, but we never know when the “last time” for something may be.

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9 Responses to As My Friend’s Daughter Goes off to Daycare

  1. Definitely must be tough. I can’t have children but luckily, I too have friends that include me in their baby’s lives. One newborn I love dearly.

  2. Ava Mifflin says:

    This is so hard for any parent to go though. I was happy and sad happy they are growing up and learning but sad that they can’t stay a baby that needs you all the time.

  3. I’ve already been back at work for a few months now and I guess I’m used to being back at work now but it is still really hard. I feel like I only get to be with her on the weekend and really miss her. I hope your friends transition goes well!

  4. Monica says:

    My children are older but I can still vividly remember crying on my way to work after dropping our children off at my mother-in-laws house. I knew they would be happy and well cared for but I missed them so much. I also had the same heart wrenching feeling when they started school. These are definitely tough transitions for all involved.

  5. Awwww! You are an amazing friend girly! And time goes by so fast, especially where kids are concerned. And is it just me or has time lately been zooming by, I mean, we’re in April now?!

    I know when both my little ones started school I balled my eyes out. It’s so sad when mom’s have to go back to work. Some of us are fortunate and get to stay home, I wish the best for your friend and her little one as they both enter a new chapter in their life with her working. I’m sure they’ll adjust, but I know it went by too fast.

    Huge hugs to you!! <3

  6. Being away from your young children is one of the most difficult things. I was often in tears. The hardest thing I ever did was work straight midnights of 18 months while my oldest daughter was a toddler. Thankfully, my parents were there for her. It broke my heart that she had to sleep away from home. Now, she has such a close relationship with my parents, though.

  7. Paula Schuck says:

    What a lovely thing to offer your friend – your support is invaluable to her right now I am sure.

  8. It is so sweet that you have a friend so dear and close to your heart. It is so hard to go back to work and I remember starting my first shift in retail after I went back. HA HA I left and said I think I will stay home full time this is not for me. I know I was blessed to have that option. I give strength to your friend today.

  9. Victoria S says:

    Awww this was such a touching story! It sounds difficult for your friend, but there’s something to be said about the strong bond between her and her daughter.

    Victoria Ess

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