What is Your Fisher Price Favourite? #FPFavourites

Let’s Talk Fisher Price Favourites!

Fisher Price Favourites

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever walked into a friend’s house who has young children without seeing at least ONE Fisher Price toy. In fact, more often than not, there are at least a few if not many Fisher Price toys being played with!

Fisher Price has been around for many years and has become a childhood staple when it comes to toys and baby gear.

12 items that have made moms’ “must-have” lists over the years:

  1. Ocean Wonders Aquarium
  2. My Little Snugabunny Cradle N Swing
  3. Infant to Toddler Rocker
  4. SpaceSaver High Chair
  5. Discover’n Grow Jumperoo
  6. Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack
  7. Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy
  8. Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set
  9. Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote
  10. Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker
  11. Little People Wheelies Stand ‘ n Play Rampway
  12. Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Fisher Price is a favourite because:

  • These toys have been tried & tested through the years, and year over year have been favourites of moms, not just in Canada, but World over.
  • They have lasted through generations of kids!
  • They encourage child development and support children in achieving important milestones.

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I find myself continuously looking at toys and gauging their educational/developmental benefit to children. Fisher Price is one of the brands that is at the top of my list!

Out of all the toys that I had as a young child, the ones that I remember are almost ALL Fisher Price. To this day, my Mom still has some of our favourite in her toy box for her Grandchildren in the basement. Amongst them is a Doctor’s Kit, the Farm, the Telephone, a Preschool and a house.

I loved playing with the Little People Animal Sounds Farm so much that the newer version was on my “must have” list for toys that my children would have. It was with the farm animals that belong to this farm set that my son first learned his animal sounds. One of our favourite videos that we look back upon is one of him sitting on our bed with Daddy, answering the questions, “What does a sheep say?” etc. It makes my heart melt every time I see it and I am left with a smile that stays on my face for quite some time afterwards.

Fisher Price Farm

The one Fisher Price Favourite toy that is a standard for me is the Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack! It was with this toy that we first learned my son’s favourite colour, little did we really know at the time. He loved this toy, as did my daughter! Every time he would play with it, he would favour the red piece. At first, I thought it was because the red one was slightly “fancier” than the rest, but over time, it didn’t matter what variety of toys were in front of him, the red ones were the ones that he picked out. Now, at 4 years old, when you ask my son what his favourite colour is, without hesitation, he will tell you that it is red.

Fisher Price Rock a Stack

I love the Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack because of its simplicity and its colourful nature. You can play so many games with it, while teaching your child their colour names. Once my children out grew this toy, I was very sad, but I put it in a “future box” in hopes that one day we would have more young friends to play with. I am lucky enough to have two baby nieces who have both enjoyed playing with the toys in my future box. I feel like that box just wouldn’t be complete without the Rock-a-Stack®! It is a baby staple item in my mind.

Fisher Price Favourites
This is my niece playing this past weekend! It was a favourite toy from the moment she saw it!
As an aside, don’t you love how her booties match the toy?! It’s a fluke, honest!

The last Fisher Price favourite in our house (if we HAVE to choose just one) is the Ocean Wonders Aquarium. This Aquarium that attaches to a crib was a huge part of our son’s bedtime routine from the time he was a newborn.

Fisher Price Aquarium

The sounds of the Aquarium was just the perfect distraction for him going to bed and rather quickly became something that he would look forward to. I remember once he got old enough, the Aquarium became a toy for him to play with when he was awake. I would know when he was awake from his naps from the sounds of him kicking the Aquarium. Looking back now, I wish that we had bought or received this item when my daughter was born, because it really did become an essential item for us and something that we all enjoyed, for different reasons.

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3 Responses to What is Your Fisher Price Favourite? #FPFavourites

  1. Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack is a classic favorite. I think every baby has one.

  2. Victoria S says:

    I don’t have a favourite, but you just gave me lots of baby shower gift ideas.

    Victoria Ess

  3. Annie1 says:

    I love Fisher Price products. They’ve been in our family for a couple of generations now. The Brilliant Basics Rock a Stack is one that will never go out of favour!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

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