@MastermindToys Has Sent Me An Early Gift: A @ZokuHQ Popsicle Maker! {REV!EW and CHAR!TY}

If you’ve got kids in the house, there is always an opportunity to give them a nice, cold treat. It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy a popsicle! Kids love them year round and it can be an excellent way to sneak some healthy, extra vitamins and nutrients into their little bodies!

I’ve had a Zoku Popsicle Maker on my wish list for quite some time now, except the problem is, no one knew about it!

When Mastermind Toys offered to send me something from their Holiday Gift Guide, I jumped on the opportunity to choose something that would be a gift for the whole family!

A Zuku Popsicle Maker!

I can’t believe how easy using a Zoku Popsicle Maker can be! You literally follow these simple steps:

  1. Freeze the Maker in the freezer for at least 24 hours.
  2. Pour your ingredients into the Zoku.
  3. Wait approximately 9 minutes.
  4. Use the easy extraction tool to remove the popsicle from the mould.
  5. Serve!

Here is what I love about the Zoku Popsicle Maker:

  • You can make fresh popsicles every time!
  • The large unit makes 3 popsicles at a time.
  • The extraction tool makes taking the popsicles out a breeze.
  • Zoku popsicle creativity is endless!
  • The Zoku popsicle sticks have drip guards!

My daughter doesn’t drink milk (long story) and therefore we have to find other creative options to ensure that she gets her daily intake of calcium. One way is by serving her calcium fortified OJ – but now I have a fun way to serve it! In a freshly made popsicle.

We can also make super healthy dessert by mixing yogurt, milk and fruit together and 9 minutes later, voila!

This holiday while you are thinking about what gifts to get the little people (and the big ones too!) in your life, I urge you to check out Mastermind Toys either in the store OR online!

Did you know that this Holiday Season, Mastermind is hoping to build a mountain of toys worth $15,000 and they need your help! The toys will be donated to CTV’s Toy Mountain and Chum Christmas Wish! All you have to do to help is like Mastermind on Facebook AND share their page with your friends and family! For every like on their Facebook Page, they will donate $1 to the wonderful cause. This goes until December 21st, 2012.

Check out this video that explains it:


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5 Responses to @MastermindToys Has Sent Me An Early Gift: A @ZokuHQ Popsicle Maker! {REV!EW and CHAR!TY}

  1. Love mastermind toys!. what a great way to give back. I liked them on Facebook 🙂

  2. mamawee says:

    those are so cool- I want one!

  3. Nicole says:

    Wow – how neat is that! I never even knew a product like this one would be possible. You’ve made me want one now too! 🙂

  4. I’ve seen these Popsicle makers and wondered how good they work. Sounds like they are pretty slick. My little one doesn’t really like juice or popcicles but she does like yogurt and fruit so I’m thinking a frozen “smoothie” might be a hit.

  5. Oh wow! Think of all the delicious combinations you could make! I’d love to try a frozen yogurt pop.

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