Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 20: Making Healthy Food Choices on Special Events

This post is written as part of a journey inspired by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s My Healthy Weight Action Plan, an online tool geared towards helping you live a healthier life. Feel free to get caught up on previous posts: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17, Week 18, Week 19

Here are the stats to show my progress in my “Get Healthy Challenge”:

Start Weight: 190 pounds Starting BMI: 28.9
End of Week 1: 185 pounds End of Week 1 BMI: 28.1
End of Week 4: 179 pounds End of Week 4 BMI: 27.2
End of Week 8: 175 pounds End of Week 8 BMI: 26.6
End of Week 11: 175 pounds End of Week 11 BMI: 26.6
End of Week 14: 175 pounds End of Week 14 BMI: 26.6
End of Week 17: 175 pounds End of Week 17 BMI: 26.6
End of Week 18: 172 pounds End of Week 18 BMI: 26.1
End of Week 19: 172 pounds End of Week 19 BMI: 26.1

UPDATED GOAL: My goal is to reach a normal BMI which would be 24.9 (the top of what is considered a “normal” BMI) at 164 pounds by July 1st. There, I said it, I actually made a REAL goal with a real date. I’m hoping that this will help to motivate me even further! I’ve got approximately 6 more weeks to lose approximately 1.5 pounds per week, I think that is attainable, don’t you?

This past week has been a bit of a write off as the day after Mother’s Day, my daughter and I came down with the stomach flu. Enough said.

I would like to talk to you about how to survive a new healthy living style during special events.

We could just let ourselves go completely on a special event, but let’s face it, what exactly is a special event and how many of them are there? We could very easily start making reasons for there to be a special occasion and next thing you know, they are happening much too often in our life. If you think about it, there is a holiday of some sort almost every month and if you add in friend and family birthdays, that gets you up to at least twice a month if not more.

I don’t know about you, but prior to my new lifestyle change, I would let out all of the stops on holidays and birthdays! I would eat anything and everything that I wanted and as much of it without worrying about a thing. If this happened once or twice a month, I could easily gain back any progress that I’ve made.

Now, I am by NO means saying don’t allow yourself a treat here and there, because that is very important. If you do that, this healthy lifestyle won’t work, at least it wouldn’t work for me.

However, I have learned a few tricks these past (almost) five months. Please allow me to share them with you.

  • Drink water. Wherever you go, always have a glass/bottle of water on the go.
  • Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages and treat beverages (pop, juice, etc).
  • Don’t eat dip with every vegetable, allow yourself a couple of dips and eat plain veggies the rest of the time.
  • If you can, serve yourself so that you can maintain good portion control.
  • If you can’t serve yourself, look at your plate carefully and make a decision BEFORE you start eating as to how much of everything you plan on eating.
  • Eat half of the dessert you would like to.
  • Keep your positive self talk going whenever you are tempted.
  • Go for a walk at the end of the day.

The main motivator in my Getting Healthy challenge has been the Healthy Weight Action Plan available FREE by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I am able to easily track (by hand or online) the foods that I eat, the times that I eat and the breakdown of how items from each category I consume in a meal or day. I can also track how I am feeling each day and the amount and type of exercise that I accomplish. The My Healthy Weight Action Plan Tool has helped to motivate me and guide me to becoming a healthier individual.

When thinking about managing special occasions, it might help to remind yourself that you will be tracking your food intake with the Weight Action Plan Tool Tracker. I do find that this truly does hold you accountable for what you consume. If you think that you will be really tempted, you could always print off the printable version of the tool and bring it with you. There is nothing wrong with escaping to the washroom to write down what you have eaten every once in a while. After all, if you are drinking enough water, or even more water to compensate, you will genuinely have to use the washroom!

Ok, your turn. Share some tricks with us about how you stay focussed while on holiday or celebrating a special occasion!

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10 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 20: Making Healthy Food Choices on Special Events

  1. I think for me the number one thing is writing everything down. I use My fitness pal on my BB and I love it. When I see that I am at my daily total, if I am at an event, I will ask myself Do I really need this? Is it really worth it? Is it a need or a craving? I kind of do the same thing when I am shopping. Before I get to the cash, I go through my cart, and really ask those questions. Plus drink lots and lot of water. One more thing. love yourself and give yourself credit for how far you’ve come in your journey. 🙂

  2. dusty katt says:

    My mom just underwent a triple bypass. All I have to do is remind myself that I’m on the same track. That’s enough to scare me into not having that second helping.

  3. Christine says:

    Holy smokes, lady! You are SOOOOO close to your goal! You are such an inspiration! BTW, I started my walking program again with my walking buddy this morning. My best friend and I were out speed walking at 6:30AM and hope to do this 7 days a week. We did it last year, but the summer and kids being off kind of killed it. We’ll see if we can keep it going this year 🙂

  4. those are really great tips, and you are doing so great! I try to keep water with me at all times, I noticed this weekend that even two bottles of water to switch out of the fridge wasn’t enough. the one in the fridge didn’t even get cold enough before I was ready for it again! so hot this weekend!

  5. Jodi Shaw says:

    Wish I had read this when I went to the baby shower a couple of weeks ago. My eyes just lit up when I saw all the goodies. I limited myself to 3 or 4 lol. Yeah not really a limit.
    Great post with great tips hun 🙂

  6. Great tips!

    Before my anxiety got bad again this past winter, I would have a hard time eating out (wanted to eat everything in sight). It’s hard not to when you don’t see those things everyday and it all looks so enticing.

  7. Mommy Moment says:

    Those are some good tips. My boot-camp instructor hates the scale and says every woman should throw it away, she goes by measurements which I have noticed helps me not feel feel discouraged like the scale used too 😉

  8. Nicole says:

    Great tips!!

    Good for you for setting an end date for which you’d like to complete your goal by. I find setting dates or mini goals really helps to keep me on track!

  9. Guppy says:

    I fail miserably at limiting myself at special functions, actually at calorie counting in general. But for the first time in my life I am slowly but steadily loosing weight. 11 lbs in the last 3 months and 66 in the last year. I love reading your blog entries and seeing everyones comments about working towards their goals.

  10. el03ro says:

    November 30-Let’s get healthy together-week 20–I really liked your tips on ‘special occassions’. I think your are right in saying that these may take over one’s healthy eating plan and erase gains made so slowly. When I eat out, I try to eat healthy and perhaps have a small piece of dessert or a small sweet. This may be difficult to do but staying on track is more satisifying in the long run. Thank you for all your good advice. Elva Roberts

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