Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants (GIVEAWAY)

This giveaway is part of #FDF (Finally Diaper Free), an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

Super Undies are a great way to be Earth Friendly!

Super Undies Potty Training Pants

The Amazing Super Undies Comfortable Design

Here is what I like best about Super Undies Training Pants:

  • the stretchy side tabs mean no red elastic “rashes” on the legs
  • the waterproof fabric so no leaks or messes
  • the ease of pulling on and off
  • made in the USA
  • custom milled smooth inner fabric made from recycled material helps your child feel wet and potty train faster!

Would you like to win a pair of Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants with an insert?

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37 Responses to Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants (GIVEAWAY)

  1. Maria says:

    Well, I don’t really potty “train,” I have just let my kids lead their own way!

  2. Olivia L says:

    I don’t know if this is much of a tip, but we’ve had a potty for my daughter set up in the bathroom for the last month. She sits on it and “reads” her books in the morning and after her bath. I hope this helps her get comfortable on the potty for when we start training for real.

  3. Alison says:

    Question: When do you know they’re ready for potty training? When they’re vocabulary and comprehension is good enough?

  4. Jen M says:

    I just took my son’s diapers off and let him run around in pants. When he peed, he hated the wetness! He quickly learned to go on the potty at 22 months.
    jenyasha87 at hotmail dot com

  5. Shairbearg says:

    Use mcDonald’s as a bribery tactic!!

  6. Selmada says:

    I’ve read anything and everything I can on the subject and the biggest tip I have is to let it be child led; their body, their time, their schedule.
    That said, if someone has a miracle way to ‘train’ twin boys then I’m all over it.

    homejunk at shaw dot ca

  7. darkkrystyl says:

    have as many potties handy as possible …even in the car! —

  8. amazey says:

    They say girls are easier than boys. Well my daughter will be turning 3 this November and at the moment she has no interest whatsoever in the potty. We have had them sitting around the house collecting dust since she was 1 1/2. How do I get her to want to potty?

  9. bbrandy2002 says:

    Dont train before they are ready, they will show an interest and it will be much easier. Have little rewards like stickers or fruit snacks for successes. Be consistent….I’ve been training my 5 year old son with autism for 2 years and finally he is going #1, now have to work on #2.

  10. elizamatt says:

    I have “potty trained” 7 children and never had any trouble – the main thing is not to show anger or disappointment when the child does wet its pants but always praise them and tell them how proud you are of them when they were sucessful on the potty.

  11. nicole says:

    what age should my son be ready for potty training?

  12. Janel says:

    You have to be CONSISTENT and extremely patient!! Potty training is very tough!!! Now, if I could just get my kiddo to master night training or keep his diaper on!!!

    Janel C.

  13. Tabitha Pye says:

    My tip would be, “listen” to your child there are signs that will tell you they are ready and when they are don’t push it.

  14. Keshia says:

    We let my son lead and letting him pee outside didn’t hurt anything. It encouraged him to want to tell us because he got to go outside

  15. Hannah says:

    Tip: put your child on the potty after nap time when they’re likely to have to go. Early on we did a lot of naked outside time and inside wearing a fitted diaper so I could see right away when he wet.

  16. April G says:

    My tip is to not pressure your child! The first week of potty training for us was awful, so I backed off and let him go back into diapers. Two days later he was peeing in the potty chair on his own. It’s still definitely a work in progress, but things are much smoother since I stopped putting so much pressure on him!

  17. Anonymous says:
    My tip would be to have patience and give lots of praise!

  18. Jolly says:

    sing-a-song then keep on saying “poo-poo” in low tone.

  19. when is a good age to start?

  20. gibberish says:

    patience & perseverance pays off eventually – you both need to be ready!

  21. Can potty training occur “overnight” without having to use trainers? I plan to let my son tell me when he’s ready but I’ve introduced him to his potty

  22. ranchlamb says:

    set them on the potty once every hour and hand them somthing to look at like a book, which will help your little potty trainee to relax.

  23. Allison says:

    take off the diaper, put them in undies and stay close to home!

  24. Cara says:

    My little guy is 15 months an is super interested he knows what the potty is and if you say do you need to go potty he sits on it and will say pee pee but if he is naked and pees he just stares down. When will I know he is actually ready to start and how young is too young?

  25. Fawnsy says:

    I have a 2.5 year old boy… I am wondering how to get him to know/tell me he has to pee, he just pees in his undies! maybe he is not ready yet?

  26. My biggest piece of advice after training 3 kids and getting ready to do 2 more is patience patience patience because it will happen in their own time when they are ready. Sometimes that means weeks and months of trying everything short of having them spend the day on the potty and sometimes they wake up one day and decide theyll go on the potty forever and never have an accident. Regardless youll need all the patience you can muster!

  27. coleycoupons says:

    i think one of the most important things is to be patient, but stay on a schedule.. ask them to sit on the potty every 30 min and CELEBRATE EVERY LITTLE VICTORY!!!

    coleycoupons at yahoo dot com

  28. It’s important not to push them too much.

    frugalmommieof2 at

  29. Amanda says:

    I don’t have kids yet. How do you reward a child for using the potty?

    missamanda816 @

  30. Madeline says:

    I don’t know why, but when my husband told my daughter that “Mr. Diaper” didn’t want any poop (and talked like Mr. Diaper), my daughter started going in the potty.

  31. Kellie says:

    I bought DS (16 mos) his potty when he started taking off his diaper to run around naked. To me, naked=time to meet the potty. But no pressure to actually use it yet, right now it is more of a naked reading chair that sometimes accidently receives pee 🙂

  32. Valerie M. says:

    Why does it seem like my son is ready and (I’m pretty sure) he understands what I’m trying to get him to do- but still refuses to use the potty?

    vmargarit at hotmail dot com

  33. zookeeper says:

    My tip is to put it off as long as possible! LOL I have zero patience for potty training so I always wait until I know the child is old enough to understand the entire process and take over the procedure on their own for the most part. Also, when potty training child number 2, 3, or 4 (or more) always remember that each child is different and so will potty train different than their siblings – there is no cut and dry method for getting your child to potty train, so be flexible.

  34. Menzies says:

    Look for clues for when they are ready.. and don’t put too much pressure on them. There’s going to be some accidents along the way.. don’t be too uptight.

  35. MamaBeth says:

    Potty training tip: Find out what your child really wants. Some kids are motivated by stickers, some by food, others by pennies (yeah, my daughter was very fond of cash at a very young age) The motivation makes it much easier

  36. Kendra says:

    Tip: Don’t pressure your child into potty training. Look for signs that THEY are ready. It will make it a more pleasant experience for everyone involved if your child isn’t being forced to use the toilet.

  37. Amylynn says:

    When I potty trained my oldest son, I sat him on the potty facing backwards. That way, he learned to naturally aim correctly. He transitioned to standing without any problems!

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