Please VOTE for Oliver’s Garden Project: A project for CHARITY!

This post was written by Stacey from Moe Moments.

It’s a story that has tugged on many heartstrings and inspired people of all ages…and it’s because of my son! I couldn’t be more proud.

My six year-old boy, Oliver saw two young kids rummaging through recycling blue bins which led to a conversation with me about some people not having enough money for food. Within minutes, Oliver had decided that we should sell the produce from our small, urban back yard organic veggie oasis. Why? Because he wanted to sell the vegetables from a table in the front yard and give the all the money to Youth Shelters/Charities in the city.

The Hamilton Spectator recently covered the story, which has had a snowball effect across the city.

The Hamilton Community Garden Network has now teamed up with Oliver to help him get a $20,000 grant by way of a contest, that is open to US and Canadian residents. There are only three Canadians in the running including Oliver and one of us HAS to win!! Contest closes Sept. 30th.

Should this little 6 year-old win, the money will be used to educate other kids (and their families) on how to create their own organic garden food sharing initiative with their proceeds going toward local youth shelters/charities too! Think of what this will not only do for at least one little boy in Hamilton, ON….but what it could do for so many other kids as well!

Oliver would really appreciate your help in letting others know about this in an effort to get his vote count up!

It’s easy! Try it…….VOTE HERE Or you can vote through Facebook and further spread the word because when you vote it will post a notice to your wall to tell your friends…..VOTE ON FACEBOOK

Remember to vote once every day for OLIVER’S GARDEN PROJECT IDEA!

Thanks for helping make Hamilton, ON a better place with a simple click of your mouse 😉

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2 Responses to Please VOTE for Oliver’s Garden Project: A project for CHARITY!

  1. Gingermommy says:

    My boys are not doing without anything, yet they will pick up beer bottles and cans in blue bins. It gives them extra money and keeps it out of recycling etc. Plus if they do not pick it up the driver usually keeps them and pockets the cash. I never thought about what people thought when they see them doing this. I understand that is not the point of the post but I had to mention it 😉

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