Guest Potty Training Tip from @stacemoe of MoeMoments

This tip is part of #FDF (Finally Diaper Free), an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

As per the norm of every parent trying to instill the magical idea to a toddler, USE THE POTTY.. I’ve tried numerous tactics.

The most silly being a full on Potty Dance, which the kids loved.. But it wore off. The sticker reward wore off. The high fives wore off. Until…. “The Potty Box” emerged!
Now, the box is something that worked for my smallees, it’s worth a go!

This wondrous box was made from a shoebox and it contained simple, inexpensive items, such as ; temporary tattoos, bubbles, real fruit snacks, balloons( for momma to blow up), dinky cars, hair accessories etc. I have a girl and a boy 16 months apart so the Potty Box contained both gender type of paraphernalia !! It was a HIT! It may not be everyone’s choice or cure, but it worked for our smallees!

Children need instant gratification regardless of the quest. End result is positive for the parent and the wallet!

Good luck, God Speed.

This post was written by @stacemoe from MoeMoments Blog. Her cousin could really use your support! Please check out their Facebook Page for details!

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