My Dad, My Hero by Ethan Long (BOOK REVIEW)

Children look up to their parents, it is a fact of life. This is why they say that modeling for our children is so very important!

Ethan Long writes an adorable book called My Dad, My Hero that celebrates the special bond that a Dad has with his child.

I love how this book makes me giggle due to the silly ideas and I especially love the adorable comic illustrations that are both engaging and colourful. It is a perfect book to give a Dad on their birthday, Christmas and especially Father’s Day.

My Dad, My Hero is a book about Dads and how they truly do not have super powers, but they can still be a hero. The story starts off listing all of the things a Dad cannot do (and they are hilarious ideas like jumping over tall buildings) but in the end, it gets serious and talks about all of the things that a Dad can do and that is what truly does make him a special hero.

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