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Here is my MomPact Review and Giveaway:

This simple, yet super fun timer is the perfect item every child needs to remind them to brush for two minutes! I LOVE the fact that this timer requires NO batteries! It is simply twisted all the way to the “2” and away it goes until the end when it rings.

The Twooth Timer, a Mom invention, is compact and will fit in any bathroom with ease. It is easy to use, even for young children! We have a 6.5 year old and an almost 3 year old and this timer is great for both of them. I find our kids are always excited to get their teeth brushed in order to move along with their day (or bedtime routine). This timer provides a very clear visual as well as an auditory reminder when 2 minutes is complete.

We’ve tried singing songs, counting and more to make sure that proper tooth brushing occurs. Now, the Twooth Timer will do the work for me, I felt like I was a circus clown in the opening act singing and dancing away while my kids brushed their teeth!

If only the Tooth Fairy couldn’t bring one of these to every child’s house!

We also received “Twoothy T” temporary Tattoos! What kid doesn’t LOVE a temporary tatoo?! And this one is extra special because every time your child looks at it, they are reminded to brush for Two Minutes! These tattoos are applied very easily, last for a few days and then can be completely removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. They wipe right off!

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As well, Twooth Timer would LOVE your vote in the Born by Moms Contest!

Would you like a chance to win your very own adorable Twooth Timer and Temporary Tattoos?

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  • This would be for my 3 kids. I always try to brush their teeth myself and then I let them have their turn.

    leannemacg at

  • I would use this for my 2 kids, myself, and 2 of my dayhome kids.

  • I would use it with my grandson who is 2 and still learning 🙂
    jandplee at

  • I would use this for my SS – 5 years old and is very resistant to brushing,… he goes in to the bathroom and come out 30 seconds later,… —

  • I would love to win this for my Daughters. They are quick brushers. My only tip is consistancy. Thank you.
    Laurie Adams

  • i would luv to win this cuz its cute!

  • I would use the TwoothTimer for my four year old daughter.

  • I’d love this for my two kiddos – it would keep them focused and on track!

  • This is such a cute idea. I’d love to win this for my 2 children.


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  • I would use this for myself and my niece

    contactlillea at gmail dot com

  • leslee

    I would love this for my seven-year-old. He has a condition that negatively affects his tooth enamel so good brushing hygiene is really critical for him.


  • i would use this for my sons

  • both of my kids would use the twooth timer!

  • Would use for all 10 kids, really like this, thanks.

  • For my 2 year old son

  • I would love this for all of my kids.
    alsmalu at

  • I’d win this for my nearly 5 and 3 year old boys!! 🙂

    Janel C.

  • I would use this with my 6 year old daughter.

  • Tiffany LaCourse

    I would love those for all 3 of my children.

  • this would be for my 3 year old grandson.

  • My son micah
    mannasweeps (At) gmail dOT com

  • I’d use it for my 4-year-old little boy.

  • I would use this with my 4 year old son. We just had to have a ton of dental work done in his mouth and this would help!

  • Anonymous

    I would use this for my 2 kids and myself
    galyettina at yahoo dot com

  • i hope i can use the twooth timer, but nah, i’d give it to my daughter. 🙂

  • I would use this for my 5 kids.

  • I would give this to my cousin who hates brushing her teeth. I think this would be fun for her.

  • I would love this formy two daughters!

  • I’d use this for my two youngest (ages 5 and 2). Right now we have light up toothbrushes (brush as long as they are lit) but I don’t think they would be as effective as this product! Leave it to a Mom!

  • I would give this Twooth Timer to my friend.

  • This would be for both my kids. My oldest because he needs to brush his teeth longer. The youngest because he never wants to stop!

  • I would use this for my daughter(6) and myself.

  • New follower here!

  • Hi, I just came across your site. It looks great! I’m a new follower, too.