Finally Diaper Free Event: Potty Training Essentials

This post is part of #FDF (Finally Diaper Free), an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

It has been exactly two weeks since my son started on the Potty Train!

Our Potty Training Essentials:

There are a few items that have become essentials around our house over the last couple of weeks! The first item is a potty (we’ve tried the big one and there is not too much interest so far)! So, now we’ve resorted to using 2 little red potties that I bought at Ikea for something like $3 a piece. These seem to be his item of choice, so fine! The funny thing is, we ended up putting one of those red potties in our bathtub because after the first day, I was tired of cleaning up the spills that occurred when he stood up and the potty stuck to him resulting in a big puddle on the floor.

Water proof pads have definitely come in good use! There have been a few times when we have relocated one of his potties to a position on the carpet. It’s one thing to clean up a pee spill on the tile or hardwood, it’s a whole other thing to have it spill on the carpet. We’ve been using the square water proof pads that I put on the kids’ mattresses to put underneath the potty and they have worked out really well.

We have wipes, washcloths, and an Enviro Cloth all over the house right now. I’m one prepared Mama for spills and accidents. I don’t want to be caught unprepared. I’ve got cloths and wipes within reach in every single room of the house. Call me crazy, but that pee won’t be soaking in anywhere! I’ve found my Norwex Enviro Cloth to come into GOOD use these past couple of weeks!

The day that my son started to officially use the potty, we went out and bought him six pairs of underwear. The next day we bought six more! We have underpants lying in every corner of the house, but truth be told – I don’t mind! If having the ability to pick out new underpants whenever he wants is important to him and this will help him train – all the power to him! He can keep his underpants in every room of the house right now.

I am prepared for the need for a regular diaper or pull up too! Beside every potty and in every bathroom, I have a spare pull up diaper and a regular diaper all ready to go if the need arises.

When we leave the house, I keep my son in his underpants. I time it perfectly so that whenever we leave, it is right after he has successfully used the potty. Some days, however, he needs to go every 20 minutes, so I have started to put what we call an “underpant protector” over top of his underpants. He asked me why we do this and I told him it was to keep his underpants safe. He believed me! In fact, he tells me now as we put his “underpant protector” on that it is there to make sure no one takes his underpants! He thinks it keeps them safe! Again, whatever works! I’ve been LOVING the Super Undies Training Pants to do this job because they are waterproof and they are so easily slipped (or snapped) on and off. He can pull them down independently too which is important at this stage.

In the beginning, we used a sticker chart as a visual reward. This lasted two days and then he lost interest.

We also started off with using the iPotty App by Huggies for the first week. He loved getting a virtual sticker after each successful use of the potty! We were even able to email his Daddy with updates using this app which was a good motivator too. He also liked being able to hold the iPhone as he sat on the potty – this kept him sitting longer and gave him a slight distraction. As the days go by, the use of the iPhone dwindles, but that is ok. I’m sure it will come in handy once he decides he feels comfortable going #2 on the potty!

My little guy requires motivation for many things in life. It’s just the way he is – maybe it’s a stage and maybe it’s his character, but motivation seems to work wonders! Because of this, I resorted to giving him one candy treat like an M&M, a Skittle or a Jelly Bean when he uses the potty. It’s only been two weeks, but already he’s not asking for his treat every time he goes. In the beginning he was asking before he went, while he went and after he went until he got to make his choice.

So, let’s recap.

Here is the list of my potty training essentials:

  • a potty or potties (even one for the car!)
  • potty seat for the big potty
  • wipes, washcloths, cleaning cloths and towels
  • water proof mat to go under potty (or under child when sitting on furniture)
  • lots and lots of underpants
  • pull ups or diapers for emergencies
  • sticker chart
  • food reward
  • iPotty App

What other items would you consider to be Potty Training Essentials that have worked well in your house or potty training situations?

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  1. Olivia L says:

    I think I’ll check out that iPhone app. My DD loves playing with her daddy’s phone, so maybe she’ll like this too.

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