Do You Ever Get Razor Bumps When Shaving?

Do you ever get razor bumps when shaving those particularly sensitive areas?

I do; it must be due to my super sensitive skin! Those bumps HURT and they look terrible.

When I first started shaving, I did it behind my mother’s back. I tried to tell her that I wanted to shave, but she wouldn’t listen. So, what did I do? I used her razor and a bar of soap. I had NO idea what I was doing; I cut myself, I got razor bumps and I bled!

Because of my experience, I promised myself that one day, if I had a daughter, that I would listen to her and I wouldn’t convince her to hold off until she was older. I wouldn’t tell her that leg hair didn’t matter and just “don’t listen to those silly old boys”. I promised that I would respect how she was feeling and would help her solve the problem. Better that I help her than she attempt it on her own! Besides, you shouldn’t share razors, not even with family members, in my opinion!

Here are some helpful tips that I will share with my daughter, when the time comes, to avoid those ugly, painful razor bumps:

  • Use a SHARP razor – dull razors drag on your skin and can cause irritation
  • Use a good, moisturizing shaving lotion
  • Put some witch hazel on a cotton ball and apply to the shaved area
  • Always moisturize after shaving

I have also started to use a shaving lotion that isn’t in an aerosol can which I absolutely love! It’s in a squeeze bottle that is recyclable! How great is that? I feel much better using a product that is “better” on our environment.

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  1. Oh my I had to comment how bout being a young boy wanting to follow in dads footsteps. At 13 I made the mistake of stealing moms nair and smearing it on my face so I could Practise shaving. Lmao burned all night. I can’t teach young girls about shaving but if your listening dads please HIDE the nair. Sorry had to share

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