Book Review: Snacktivities by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter

Snacktivities by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Jean Potter is a perfectly sized little book that has some really sweet ideas for making food fun for kids.

I really love making food fun for my kids once in a while. It certainly isn’t an every day thing, but once in a while I have fun creating special fun plates of food to put in front of them that make them smile and enjoy their meals that much more.

Snacktivities has 50 activities that are all creatively named like ABC-heese Broil and Biscuit Blossoms. The Ingredients, Utensils and Process are all listed in an organized way for each activity with very simple steps to follow.

The one thing that I did find was missing were good pictures of what the snacks would look like. When I surf the web looking for fun food ideas, what catches my eye, of course, is always the picture of what the fun snack looks like! My imagination sometimes needs a little bit of help to get going. I know that this would put the price point of this book slightly higher, but I believe it would make this book much more valuable as a tool, especially for those people who don’t have as many creative juices flowing within. I should note that there are little sketches in ink (one colour) beside each activity, but I don’t find the sketches to accurately depict what the snack looks like.

Regardless of the pictures, there are certainly some really fun ideas in Snacktivities! Your children will love the fun food creations that come out of this book.

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