Information: Bayer Didget – glucose monitoring system (with added features for children)

Note: We had the opportunity to ask questions to a Certified Pediatric Diabetes Nurse Educator with regards to this product. All of the information in this post comes directly from a discussion over email with this Nurse Educator or directly from the Bayer Didget website.

Bayer Didget is glucose monitoring system intended for self-testing by people with diabetes. It is a stand alone glucose meter and includes all the features of CONTOUR.

The unit actually connects directly to NintendoDS and DS Lite gaming console systems to help children play with a purpose. This certainly will add an element of fun to the day to day routine of checking blood sugars.

The DIDGET is a monitor that makes it very easy to check sugars, something that is a plus for children. You do not need to worry about coding your meter each time you open a new vial of test strips. This means you do not have to worry about getting inaccurate results due to miscoding or forgetting to code your meter.

The DIDGET is provided by your health care professional free of charge. The Nintento DS and DS Lite are not supplied with the DIDGET meter. The DIDGET kit includes:

  • Bayer’s DIDGET Blood Glucose Meter
  • Protective cover for meter
  • Bayer’s MICROLET 2 Lancing device with adjustable endcap
  • 10 colored lancets
  • Knock Em Down: World’s Fair Nintendo DS/DSi Game card
  • Game instruction booklet
  • Carrying case
  • USB Mini cable
  • Meter quick reference guide
  • Meter user guide
  • Bayer logbook
  • Warranty care

I don’t have diabetes nor do my children (touch wood), but I can only imagine how challenging it must be to encourage a child to check their glucose levels regularly! That can’t be fun. This Didget makes it somewhat fun.

Are there any parents out there who have children with diabetes that would like to add their thoughts on this product?

For further information please contact your health care provider to learn more or to see the new and exciting Bayer DIDGET.

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One Response to Information: Bayer Didget – glucose monitoring system (with added features for children)

  1. Ms. Key says:

    Woo hoo! My best friend worked hard on the launch of this product! Very cool! It seems like a wicked device! What a small world! (Though, not really… I know Bayer is a huge company, haha).

    There are some quality people behind the Bayer Contour brand products! Trust me!

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