3 Step EASY Homemade Name Cards

A holiday table for entertaining is not complete, in my opinion, without homemade name cards! You and your kids can whip up these cards for every guest within minutes while using your creativity and personalizing them along the way.

Homemade Name Cards

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We used Seal-It Glitter tape to jazz up these place cards. See how easy it is to rip in the video below:

Make these homemade name cards in minutes:

  1. Cut name cards out of cardstock and fold.
  2. Decorate with Seal It! Glitter tape.
  3. Write name.

You can tie a ribbon or piece of twine around the card for a slightly different look if desired.

To purchase your own super cute glitter tape, visit the Seal-It Glitter Store Online (free shipping), also available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sears Canada stores. The price per roll online is $5.50 however Seal-It Glitter Store regularly holds promotions and deals on its glitter products on its online store.

These reasonably priced tapes make great stocking stuffers, gift ideas or an addition to a craft bin (do you have one of those?) for a snowy day!

Did You Know…
Seal-It has created four “TAPESY” videos (think TASTY but for crafts), showing that beautiful holiday decor can be made in minutes and at a low cost, with step-by-step instructions how each craft is made.

You can then create your own version of the craft, upload it to the contest page and are automatically entered to win 1 of 4 $1,000 prizes!

Each video showcases a new craft, giving viewers a new opportunity to show off their crafting skills. Videos are uploaded via the Seal-It Facebook page every Monday until Dec. 19. Contest ends Dec. 31.

Along with homemade crafts, I also love to make homemade treats including Shortbread Cookies for the holiday season.

Are you hosting a holiday party this year?

Be sure to show us your
homemade name cards!


Homemade Name Cards

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