How to Back Up Your Blog Content and Template on Blogger

I am using Blogger in Draft therefore the following instructions are to be used in Blogger in Draft format. How to Back Up Your Blog Template: Note: Your Blog Template is the look and layout of your blog. On the left hand sidebar, click on template. Click image to enlarge. In the top right of screen – click on the “backup/restore” button, then click on “Download full template”. Click image to enlarge. Click image to enlarge. Save it in a file somewhere on your computer where you can add the date to the beginning of the file.Note: My file name … Continue reading

How to Make Threaded Comments in Blogger

Do you own a Blogger Blog? I do and while I absolutely LOVE it, I sometimes do feel somewhat restricted design wise. One of the areas in my blog that required improvement was my comment system. I have some people who don’t have a gmail account or a blogger account but would like to leave their name in comments. The problem is, as soon as I enable anonomous users, the *spam* comments come out in the hundreds. So, I am stuck with leaving that part as is for now. The other part that really bothered me is if someone doesn’t … Continue reading