My Journey with @FordCanada: The Beauty of the #FordFlex

This week, we are test driving a Ford Flex from Ford Canada. Thanks to the cooler in the middle row of the Ford Flex, I was able to transport the beautiful flowers that my amazing son gave me this weekend. The vase and the flowers fit perfectly into the cooler and even though we stopped for an hour break in the middle of our 4 hour drive, the cooler stayed fully chilled and my flowers were happy! Isn’t my son sweet?! He actually arrived home with flowers for me, his sister and his grandmother. He’s going to be a charmer, … Continue reading

My Journey with @FordCanada Day 2: The Excitement

Yesterday, we picked up the Ford Flex to test drive for a week from Ford Canada. It is pretty obvious in here that my children have never experienced a new car before, or at least that they can remember! The excitement in this house is hilarious! I might add that the excitement doesn’t stop with the children either, I’m giddy!My daughter wanted me to drive her to school and pick her up. My son wanted to go for a drive around the block when we got home from dropping my daughter off at the bus. My friend came over for … Continue reading

My Journey with @FordCanada

Today, we picked up the Ford Flex to test drive for a week from Ford Canada. I was filled with excitement as I pulled into the parking lot at Ford, not exactly sure what to expect. I also had both children with me. My eldest was very excited to check out the new vehicle. My younger little guy, not so much (he is a little bit hesitant with new situations). Once we all got into the new vehicle, the excitement was through the roof (literally – there are moon and sun roofs!).One could hear phrases like:Kids: “Mommy, what does this … Continue reading