My Journey with @FordCanada Day 2: The Excitement

Yesterday, we picked up the Ford Flex to test drive for a week from Ford Canada.

It is pretty obvious in here that my children have never experienced a new car before, or at least that they can remember! The excitement in this house is hilarious! I might add that the excitement doesn’t stop with the children either, I’m giddy!

My daughter wanted me to drive her to school and pick her up. My son wanted to go for a drive around the block when we got home from dropping my daughter off at the bus.

My friend came over for a visit to check out the Ford Flex that is sitting in our driveway right now.

My neighbour literally came running across the road as soon as he saw that we had a Ford Flex in the driveway.

The buzz and the excitement in our house right now is fun!

My favourite feature so far is the reverse camera. You see, last week I actually drove over my son’s bike that was lying right behind our vehicle. I’m not that bad of a Mom, honest! I had my son stand in the garage so that I could see him the entire time AND I was backing up the car so that my son could ride his bike closer to the house and away from the street. However, because his bike was lying down on the ground, right up against the vehicle, I couldn’t see it until I actually felt it under the vehicle. So, needless to say the fact that the Ford Flex that I am testing out has a reverse camera AND reverse sensor is an AMAZING feature for me to have.

To read more about my Ford Flex experience, go here:
My Journey with Ford Canada

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One Response to My Journey with @FordCanada Day 2: The Excitement

  1. Ms. Key says:

    New cars are so exciting! Mr. Lock’s car has a rear-view camera too, and it is a really useful and interesting feature! I don’t rely on it 100% of course and am diligent to always be aware of my surroundings, but it sure does give you a bit of extra reassurance and clarity when backing up!

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