My Journey with @FordCanada

Today, we picked up the Ford Flex to test drive for a week from Ford Canada.

I was filled with excitement as I pulled into the parking lot at Ford, not exactly sure what to expect.

I also had both children with me. My eldest was very excited to check out the new vehicle. My younger little guy, not so much (he is a little bit hesitant with new situations).

Once we all got into the new vehicle, the excitement was through the roof (literally – there are moon and sun roofs!).

One could hear phrases like:
Kids: “Mommy, what does this button do?”
Me: “Kids put your hands on your laps and stop touching buttons.”
Kids: “Mommy, can you please turn on the radio.”
Me: “If only I knew how, I would be happy to.”
Me: “You guys are going to have to have some patience with Mommy because learning how to drive a new car takes some time!”
Kids: “This car is so cool”
Kids: “Can we keep driving and driving an driving all day?”

The conversations about the car went on and on all the way home! So much for Mommy’s hope for nap time on the drive home.

I just hopped out of the Ford Flex about 15 minutes ago and I am wishing that I could go sit back in the driver’s seat and play some more, but the kids are needing some time out of the car for now!

So far, I am loving the way the vehicle drives on the highway! I am just a tad overwhelmed with the technology involved in these new vehicles! It is awesome and once I have a bit of time to figure it all out, I am sure I will not want to turn back!

I’ll leave you with this….
This Flex even has heated OR air conditioned seats! Yes, you can warm up or chill off your tush depending on the season or your comfort level! Wow! What will they think of next? Ford Canada, you have truly amazed me!

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