How to use TweetDeck for a Twitter Party

How to Use TweetDeck for a Twitter Party

I attend, co-host and host quite a few Twitter parties and I have decided that I like to use TweetDeck to help me navigate the party! In this post, I am going to show you step by step How to use TweetDeck for a Twitter Party! If you aren’t sure what a Twitter Party even is, head on over to read about what is a Twitter Party?, then come back here to learn how to use TweetDeck. First, you need to sign into TweetDeck using your @TwitterName and your Twitter Password.           Do you see the blue … Continue reading

How to Use TweetGrid for #KeenOnGreen 6/17 8pm EST

If you’ve never joined a Twitter Party before, now is your time to try! Join #KeenOnGreen Twitter Party using Tweet Grid. We’ve got it all set up for you if you follow this Tweet Grid link. You will have to LOGIN with TweetGrid and allow access from TweetGrid to your Twitter Account (or vice versa). You can always go into your Twitter Account (Profile —> Applications —> find TweetGrid and Revoke Access if you don’t want to constantly allow access to TweetGrid to your Twitter Account. Here’s how to PARTY using Tweet Grid: We’ve set the grid up with 3 … Continue reading