Kid Art ROCKS!

Our main kitchen wall is covered in my children’s artwork. There is even a quote at the top that says: “Every child is an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso

Every time I look at our kitchen wall, it makes me smile and it fills my heart and my soul as a Mother and as a person. You see, there is something about colourful and creative art created by children. It is their form of free self expression. It is their hopes, their dreams and how they see the world.

My children are 7 and 10 years old and I can honestly say that I don’t see a day in the future when we won’t have this wall.

My Mom had a wall of our photos that was SO embarrassing growing up, but it also showed us how proud of us she was and how much she loved us. While we told her many times to take the wall down, the message that she sent us silently by continuing to display our photographs was strong. SO, I won’t ever pull my art wall down and if we move, it may change slightly, but I will still find a place to display all of my children’s creations because they mean the world to me and they make me smile.
kid art
Of course, my favourite kid art is the art on our walls in our kitchen, but I also love ALL kid art. I remember seeing my neice’s first person drawing (with full human anatomy detail, if you know where I’m going with that one! There is a feeling that washes over me when I see art from children. My heart feels full.

I know that there are other people out there, like me, who love to look at kid art.

Let’s do some show and share!

Show us your kid art!


This linky will remain open until the end of November. You don’t need to have a blog to take part in this, anyone is welcome to link up. For the purpose of this giveaway let’s define kid art as something created by someone who is 12 or younger. You can publish your child’s art anywhere on line and then link to it, for example on Instagram or in a Flickr account. Each time you submit a link to a piece of your kid’s art that’s an entry into the giveaway. This link up is being hosted at Maple Leaf Mommy, Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy. The hosts will be linking up art, but are ineligible to win. Come December 1st we will randomly draw one lucky winner. We are just doing this for fun, there is no brand sponsor. The prize will be a set of art supplies with value of about $30. Anyone can link up, but to be eligible for the prize you need to be located in Canada.

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5 Responses to Kid Art ROCKS!

  1. elizamatt says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun for the kiddies. 🙂

  2. Are says:

    My two under 6 y/o are constantly making art, and I have piled all their art into a box which I want to take a pic of and then throw away. I love watching their art change as they get older, but, the paper is making me crazy!

    • The paper does easily pile up! Take some photos and show us!

    • Deanna T. says:

      The sheer amount of paper starting driving me nuts too. That’s why I started scanning many of their masterpieces. I do still save a few in paper format, but most of them hit the recycling bin. And the kids know it too. They will ask me to scan something they are super proud of, and they no longer freak to find me recycling their stuff.

  3. salexis says:

    So sweet. Love the 100% love my mommy!

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