Process vs Product in Kid Art

When I was in University, there was a large focus on providing children with valuable opportunities to express themselves through their art and creative projects. We were encouraged to take the focus off of the product and more onto the process.

While I fully appreciate the importance of allowing children to freely express themselves in their artwork, I am also a sucker for the standard art that comes home for different occasions.

Take for example this poppy that my son brought home this week:

Kid Art

I believe that for some art projects, there is value in teaching the children a specific creative technique and providing the activity (eg. creating a poppy). You had better believe that there were a variety of poppies created and that each one was unique in its own way.

What are your thoughts on process vs product in Kid Art?

I know that there are other people out there, like me, who love to look at kid art.

Let’s do some show and share!

Show us your kid art!


This linky will remain open until the end of November. You don’t need to have a blog to take part in this, anyone is welcome to link up. For the purpose of this giveaway let’s define kid art as something created by someone who is 12 or younger. You can publish your child’s art anywhere on line and then link to it, for example on Instagram or in a Flickr account. Each time you submit a link to a piece of your kid’s art that’s an entry into the giveaway. This link up is being hosted at Maple Leaf Mommy, Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy. The hosts will be linking up art, but are ineligible to win. Come December 1st we will randomly draw one lucky winner. We are just doing this for fun, there is no brand sponsor. The prize will be a set of art supplies with value of about $30. Anyone can link up, but to be eligible for the prize you need to be located in Canada.

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5 Responses to Process vs Product in Kid Art

  1. Joann says:

    Process or product, either way I would just love it if my kids were given more time for art in school. Your son’s poppy is great!

  2. salexis says:

    I’ve always had some issue with “grading” in school art projects. I remember my daughter was upset because the teacher pointed out the edges of her self portrait “mosaic” weren’t clean edges… and I thought… but its ART and it’s BEAUTIFUL with the uneven edges… it looks abstract. I told my daughter to ignore the teacher because she deserved an A for EFFORT and her finished work is exactly as it should be… There is no RIGHT answer in art. (not that I have an opinion or anything!) LOL

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