Helpful Nutrition Tips for Babies from @Mother_Hen

Did you know that March is Nutrition Month?

Mother Hen has provided me with some Nutrition Tips for Babies to share with you.

I am a huge fan of Mother Hen baby food! I remember that I first discovered it when my daughter started to eat meat. I was wanting to make my own baby food at home, but I found it very difficult to perfect the fine consistency that she needed when it came to meat. I found the frozen pucks of meat, from Mother Hen, to be so convenient and I loved that their food is all natural and the fruits and vegetables are organic. They do not use any preservatives, sugar or added starch in their food.

Last fall, I asked a Mom with an 8 month old baby to share her thoughts on Mother Hen Baby Food. She recommended Mother Hen as being an easy and well received food for babies.

Mother Hen has shared this very informative infographic with Nutrition Tips for Babies:

Nutrition tips for babies

Did you know that Mother Hen is now offering a Nutrition Party Kit? It is an exclusive box filled with coupons, tasting essentials, loot, activities and prizes to use during small group gatherings like during Mommy Group. The kit has been developed to be instructive but also to allow participants to share their experiences and learn in a fun, relaxed environment. Each kit will be custom-made to each group of mommies that is willing to participate. This is an initiative to get moms talking about nutrition with their peers in celebration of Nutrition Month. Mother Hen will be providing the kit to any mommy groups who would like to participate by inviting mom friends and their babies over, or for a gathering that is already scheduled and for which it could be useful.

Nutrition Month Party Kit

If you’re interested in learning more about this Nutrition Party Kit, feel free to email Mother Hen directly.

Giving Back to Moms….Moms Helping Moms Program

For every box of Mother Hen purees sold during Nutrition Month, Mother Hen will donate $1 in baby food to a local food bank, to help give all babies a healthy start!

Questions about Mother Hen?  Need more nutrition tips for babies?
Please feel free to ask them over on the Mother Hen Facebook Page!

Congratulations to Mother Hen for receiving the prestigious PTPA seal of approval!
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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    The Nutrition Party Kit sounds really neat and informative!

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