Arts and Crafts for Kids ~ Artsy Play Wednesday Giveaway Hop Continues

Do your kids love to do arts and crafts?

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I love arts and crafts. I admit that I don’t find as much time for crafts as I would like to, but I still love them. I encourage my children to use their imaginations and make something using their creativity on a regular basis. Sometimes, they run out of ideas and ask me for one and often this occurs at a time when I might not have an activity ready and at my finger tips. This is where Artsy Play Wednesday comes into play for me. I can look back at any of my weekly Artsy Play Wednesday posts and be guaranteed to find something fun for my children in a matter of minutes.

The fact that there are so many fun options for children each week is because of you, my amazing readers and fellow bloggers. I love how many of you come back week after week to link up your latest and greatest post ideas for arts and crafts for kids.

This week, feel free to:


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    My favourite arts and crafts for kids are those using:

    Paint Chips
    Simple Materials

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