Speedeebee! An Educational Game for Kids 8+ by @BlueOrangeGames


How Many: Family Game for 2-6 Players
Age: For players Ages 8 – Adult
What: With 150 fun challenges and four alphabet dice, players race to find words containing or excluding the letters shown on the dice.

This games uses the following skills:

  • Cognitive Speed
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Reaction Time

This game keeps the brain active, that is for sure. It keeps players “on their toes”. I really like how players have some choice in how the game is played (e.g. often they get to pick which die to roll). There are rules to how the game should be played, but there is also an option to play it “freestyle”.

I love games that are fun, fast paced and educational all at the same time. This game is colour and fun too.

Check it out in action…

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  1. I love BlueOrange Games! This one looks like a lot of fun!

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