The Amazing @minimioche Store Opens Up in the Distillery District!

On Friday May 10th, my little one and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the new mini mioche store in Toronto’s Distillery District. Whenever possible, our family strives to buy local and at this store you can do just that – after all, mini mioche is organic, eco-friendly AND made in Canada!!!

First, and lately of greatest importance for me while shopping with a stroller, is accessibility – the store is easily accessed from the parking lot at the Distillery and not only is the store itself stroller friendly with ample space to maneuver, but outside there is even stroller parking! If you have kids who are on the move and restless shoppers, there’s even a small nook for them to play while you shop! Now that’s a concept!!!


About half of the store is focused on its very own, all organic brand of children and women’s clothing. The choices are endless, ranging from a classic onesie or t-shirt, to shorts, bloomers and bubble dresses to name a few. The sizes range from newborn all the way up to 6 years of age and are nicely laid out by size. This line washes well, is designed to withstand lots of washes (wear once and wash), and is found in simple, neutral colours without any logos getting in the way of its simplicity! You can also find a vast array of shoes such as the Canadian brand Native who makes water shoes.


The other half of the store contains even more “awesomeness” (most of which is designed, made and manufactured in Canada) – if that’s possible!

Some of the items that really caught my eye were the:

  • All natural bath products
  • Cool books (not seen in other stores) for children and adults (have you heard of “Goodnight Canada”? I hadn’t!)
  • Wooden toys, rattles, and teethers
  • Storage bins, bags and backpacks for toys, food and diapering
  • Sleep accessories (from swaddling alternatives to unique stuffies)
  • Jewellery
  • Bathing suits
  • And so much more!!!

Now that the weather is finally nice, I strongly recommend planning a stroller ride to the new mini mioche store in the Distillery! Remember that while you may pay a bit more for items here than you would at Big Box stores, you are supporting local business and you really do get what you pay for!

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2 Responses to The Amazing @minimioche Store Opens Up in the Distillery District!

  1. Victoria S says:

    This store sounds like the epitome of a hidden gem! I love the distillery district, and I’ll be sure to look out for this store!

    Victoria Ess

  2. Debbie B says:

    I miss living in or near a big city for the shopping

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