Receive Your Groceries at Your Doorstep from @DonateNaturally

Donate Naturally

What is Donate Naturally?

Donate Naturally is an organic grocery delivery company that delivers to the Greater Toronto Area. They generously donate 15% of each order to a charity of the customer’s choice.

You can’t go wrong, right?! You get your organic groceries conveniently delivered right to your door and you have the opportunity to choose a charity to receive 15% of your order cost!

We recently had the opportunity to have a Fresh Weekly Staples Bin delivered right to our front door. I happened to be home when the delivery arrived and I was handed the basket from a woman who had such a cheerful disposition, it really was one of the most pleasant deliveries that I have ever received (and I have received a few!).

Donate Naturally

I loved receiving good quality, organic food! I don’t always purchase organic food, mostly due to price and the lack of selection/quality at my local grocery store. I really loved receiving a bin full of organic food right at my doorstep. It was so convenient, definitely my type of shopping!

With the zucchini, I made Chocolate Zucchini Bread:

And I immediately dove right into a fresh, delicious apple as soon as the bin arrived:
organic apple

The bread was fresh and delicious.

The milk was in a glass bottle, which I loved and it tasted….like milk (not sure what else to say about the milk, really other than it was organic).

The eggs were great and were used up within a few days in baking and we had eggs for dinner.

The fruits and veggies were all yummy. We did find the sweet potatoes to be a smaller size than we would have preferred, it made for difficult peeling and the oranges were rather sour, but you take what you get sometimes when it comes to organic products, I’ve learned!

Overall, I was VERY pleased with this service as well as the products received.

Ordering food from Donate Naturally would be an excellent gift for new parents, as getting out to the groceries can sometimes be a chore in itself and every new parent appreciates the gift of food!

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  1. Victoria S says:

    Those groceries look so delicious and fresh! The service is a little pricey for me, but I wish I could splurge on it!

    Victoria Ess

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