The Safe Sippy 2™ from @KidBasix

For two months now, our daughter has been eating solid foods. It has been a really fun journey so far!

At each meal, I have been giving her some water to help ‘wash’ her new foods down. We started using a standard sippy cup, however found it frustrating as she wanted to hold it and drink all by herself. We found she wasn’t strong enough to tilt the cup up and back far enough to have any success.

Safe Sippy 2

I began to search for a sippy cup with a straw so that she didn’t need to tilt or lift the cup. While the original cup we started with was plastic, I decided to search for a non-plastic alternative. I came across the Safe Sippy 2™ which is a ‘no-spill bottle made from clean, non-leaching stainless steel’. I really liked how this Sippy had options. It could be a classic sippy cup with a sippy valve, or a straw cup!

Safe Sippy 2

It comes with three parts – a travel plug, sippy valve and the straw and its adapter. So far, we have only been using the straw and its adapter and not only do I love it but so does our little one. She is able to easily grab the handles and maneuver the mouthpiece into her mouth all on her own!

What a great product!

It comes apart really easily and has already been through our dishwasher several times coming out looking brand new!!! We are so impressed that we plan to purchase a couple more (from so that we always have a clean one ready to go!

Safe Sippy 2

Once our daughter is a little older, we plan to have her use the Safe Sporter™ which is also stainless steel and comes with a flip top – great for all the outdoor activities we plan to do with her!!!

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