Let’s Get Healthy Together ~ PGX Update!

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I have had another crazy busy this week! Between regular back to school and family things as well as helping to care for my sister who is recovering from having a baby, I have not been able to focus on my healthy life style as much as I would have liked.

However, the good news is that I went on two crazy walks/jogs this week during “shower time for the kids” as my husband decided that the kids need to be able to get ready for bed without me around all of the time. So, off I went for a speed walk and next thing you know, I found myself doing short jogging spurts. I heard on the news that short heart rate increases are better than long periods of less strenuous activity.

I wanted to share with you my progress with PGX. I’ve been taking it for two weeks now. I’ve taken one bottle of 150 pills. I had ramped up to taking 6 pills per meal, but I have decided that 6 is too many so I have decreased it to 4 or 5 depending on how hungry I am feeling.

I have found myself naturally wanting to drink more water when I am on PGX. Your body requires more water in order for PGX to work, but it is always good to drink a large amount of water anyhow!

I bought a large bottle of PGX pills at Costco last week (180 pills for $29.99) that came with a free DVD. I can’t wait to watch the DVD to get some good exercise tips from Kathy Smith.

I’ve also tried out the vanilla and chocolate PGX Whey Protein as well. I really quite enjoy the taste of them and I find they hold me for the morning when I have them at breakfast. I made one for lunch yesterday with some fruit and some almond milk and it was delicious!

The only sad news is that I haven’t really lost any weight while being on PGX. The good news, however, is that despite eating two McDonald’s meals and eating on the go (due to my busy schedule), I haven’t gained any weight. I have also found myself craving much less “junk”.

I will continue my PGX journey and will definitely keep you posted.

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5 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together ~ PGX Update!

  1. Awesome job, girl! Can’t wait to see how it goes with PGX.

  2. Ms. Key says:

    It’s such a busy time of year, your sis is lucky to have you to help out (well, and lucky to you for having a sweet new baby in the fam to spend time with!). Keep up the good work when you can, and be happy during those extra moments with your new niece without worrying about anything else! 😀

  3. el03ro says:

    September 15-I’m really happy to have your update. I heard Dr. Oz.recommend PGX on TV, so decided to try it. I am on my first week so was very eager to hear what you thought of it. Dr. Oz. says all his family are on it. One of the benefits is lowering of Cholesterol which is important to me. Keep up the good fight, which you are also doing in other areas-such as helping your sister. Hugs.-el03ro

  4. Victoria S says:

    Good for you for deciding to make a change! I’ve heard a lot about PGX in the media, but I have yet to read about a real life account.

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