Me In a Tree ~ a Family Organization Website {REV!EW}

Just in time for Back to School, I was asked to take a look at Me in a Tree, a FREE Family Based website that is currently in BETA testing.

Each member of your family creates a unique profile and avatar which takes less than 10 minutes and the fun begins! You can sync your Google or Outlook calendar so that everyone can keep track of family and individual events!

I believe this website would work best for families who are school aged. With both of my children in school this year as well as multiple Extra Curricular activities, this website is an excellent place for my husband and I to keep track of everything. As well, it is a super fun and visual tool for my young children to begin taking charge of their day to day routines and to learn about organization.

I really love how there is an option to check out local family activities too!

One of my favourite aspects of this website is the Family Huddle. This allows you to set the day, time and duration of a weekly Family Meeting. First, you select a Moderator from the drop down menu and then you read the rules. Once attendance is taken to see who is at the meeting, each member is given a special job in order to help the meeting run smoothly and efficiently. During the family meeting, you go through your weekly schedule together by entering all activities on the calendar. After you are all organized, the family engages in a Round Table discussion where each member is encouraged to share something positive that happened that week. If issues get brought up for discussion during this time, there is a place to add the issue to the Sandbox where you can choose a day, time and which members of the family must be present at the meeting. There is a chance for each family member to give their thoughts on a randomly selected topic. Our recent topic was “What new skill have you learned this year?” A Weekly Family Challenge can also be randomly selected. An example is “No candy or chocolate for a week”.

I truly believe that if a young family starts the weekly routine of using Me in a Tree that in no time, they will feel organized, together and happy!

In the future, many new options will be made available on Me in a Tree including Allowance, Goals and My Day.

Here is a short video describing Me in a Tree:

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