Sliderties ~ a teaching aid for tying shoelaces

My goal was to have my daughter learn how to tie shoe laces this summer, as she will be entering grade two and I figured it was time. Ironically, she came home in June announcing that she needed a new pair of shoes because hers weren’t fitting her properly and she requested tie up shoes. I was hesitant as I didn’t want her running around at recess time with undone shoes, but we gave it a whirl.

Lucikly, Sliderties came to the rescue! We received these just in time to use them on her new shoes. After watching their amazing instructional video a dozen times, we set off to give them a try.

We absolutely loved the poem that is recited while the child learns to tie their laces. This poem helped with shoe lace tying even after we removed the Sliderties. We did end up removing the Sliderties as soon as my daughter had mastered the technique because she found that they got in the way, which frustrated her. I have to say, however, within a couple of days of using Sliderties, she had mastered the steps beautifully, thanks to the Sliderties! It would have taken her a lot longer without them.

Sliderties were easy to put on the provided laces. Once I got them lined up in the proper place (which only took a few tries), my daughter was good to go. They are a wonderful invention that truly took most of the tantrums out of learning to tie laces for my daughter.

I liked the fact that the sliderties shoe laces (included in the package) are slightly longer than traditional shoe laces for young children which made for a larger margin of error when first learning how to tie laces. If shoe laces are too short, the more likelihood that the loop will get pulled through and the process must be restarted. This is frustrating for young children.

Because Sliderties are so small, it could be easy to misplace one, especially if you drop it. I love how this company recognizes this and will ship you out free replacements where you only have to pay the small shipping fee.

See Sliderties in action here:


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5 Responses to Sliderties ~ a teaching aid for tying shoelaces

  1. Christine says:

    Wow! That is ingenious! I need to get those for Little One!

  2. Cool! We need to get one too very soon!

  3. NPC says:

    HOLY! Are these every NEAT. My oldest already knows how to tie her shoes but, I for my youngest…these would be PERFECT! I love how they send out free replacement parts if they get lost. Awesome!

  4. The Zoo says:

    I’m still in the thick of toilet training but shoe tying is somewhere after that. Thanks for the tips, I’ll take all the help I can get.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. Shashi says:

    My 9 yr old still struggles with his shoelaces! this would help him not feel so frustrated and embarrassed at school especially!

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