Danone ~ yogurt options for the whole family!

Danone has a huge selection of yogurt products. When discovering the huge variety of products available, I am sure that there is a product for every member of your family!

Some of our favourite Danone products are Oikos Greek Yogurt, Crush and Coolision, Activia and Danino, but truthfully, I haven’t come across a Danone product that I have not liked.

Danone Products:

  • Oikos
  • Crush & Coolision
  • Activia
  • Danacol
  • Danino
  • DanActive
  • Silhouettes
  • Danone Creamy

Two of my “go to yogurts” for my family are Danone Creamy and Activia. We enjoy both products and truth be told, there isn’t one flavour that I don’t like.

Danone has everyone covered from low fat options to no sugar added options! There really is something for everyone.

I am loving the fact that Activia by Danone has come out with desserts! The Lemon Meringue flavour has my taste buds watering just thinking about it. I was really bummed when the store where I purchased this product to try out ended up having expired yogurts on their shelves so I had to return it. Note to Self: No matter how distracted you are when you are grocery shopping with the kids, always check and double check the expiration date!

You better believe that I will be picking one up the next time I spot it!

The kids really enjoy the Danino yogurts. I love to buy them for the kids because I know that no yogurt will go to waste (they are the perfect size), they have no artificial colours or flavours, something that I definitely look for in the ingredients. I also LOVE the fact that these mini containers are recyclable with a plastic #6 symbol on the bottom.

Next time you are in the grocery store, check out the huge variety of Danone products available for your family.

Feel free to connect with Danone Canada on Facebook.

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4 Responses to Danone ~ yogurt options for the whole family!

  1. Ms. Key says:

    I am such a yogurt lover! Activia was one of the first yogurts I began to like, after years of totally boycotting it as a food… haha. The old fruit bottom yogurts used to gross me out as a kid, and now I eat yogurt every day! It’s such a healthy food, and yet is so delicious it feels like a dessert! It’s a great way to get calcium in your diet and kids diets too.

    I think it’s really cute a little Danino yogurt comes in the McDonald’s happy meals now! What a great idea, for McDonald’s to work with Danone on that one. A much healthier choice as a part of a fast food meal!

  2. Guppy says:

    My son loves the DanActive drink shots – he’d have them everyday if I’d let him.

  3. Debbie S says:


  4. Laura says:

    Danone yogurt is delicious!

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