A Kindergarten Visit: Who Needs More Preparation? Mom or Child

I took him to his school this morning for a 30 minute visit to his Kindergarten classroom.

He was nervous.
He was shy.

I was nervous.
I didn’t want to let go.

He told me he was going to hide behind me and hide behind me is what he did.

I told him that it was his job to stay and have fun in the Kindergarten classroom and it was my job to go to the Library and to pick him up when the 30 minutes were finished.

I didn’t hesitate.

I gave him a big hug goodbye.
I made sure he had his stuffed animal friend to hold.
I walked out the door.
I didn’t look back.
I knew he was watching me.
BUT, I didn’t look back.

I was brave.
I did what I had to do.

He was brave.
He did what he had to do!

After the 30 minutes, I came back and discovered that he had left from the table that he had chosen to sit at and was exploring the classroom.

His teacher told me that he did just fine within a minute of me leaving.

I was relieved.
He was happy.

September will be fine.
We can do this!

Do you have a child going off to Kindergarten in the fall?
Have you visited their school yet?

Share how you are preparing for Kindergarten with us!

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15 Responses to A Kindergarten Visit: Who Needs More Preparation? Mom or Child

  1. So exciting, he will love it!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    Oh, I hear you! I took our daughter to Welcome to Kindergarten week the other week. She was fabulous. She had so much fun. She didn’t even notice or care that I left her at school by herself. I think THAT made me even sadder! LOL!

    Honestly, I think I’M the one who is not ready for JK! LOL!

  3. Shari G says:

    We did a tour, we didn’t do the drop off yet. My middle one will be going every day all day, so that will be a change for me. I will only have 1 home, I usually have 2 – 3 kids currently. He will do fine, it will be weird for me, and the baby.

  4. Shayna says:

    Oh man, is it silly that even though my daughter is only two I already think about this day with a mixture of fear, sadness and pride? I mean she’s already in daycare which we call “school” 5 days a week but kindergarten, wow!

  5. Hippofatamus says:

    This brought a tear to my eye. The thought of how you must have felt when you decided to stay strong and resist looking back. I’m scared. Really, really scared of letting go. Im not new to this, I’ve walked that path before over a decade ago with my first born. It was hard then, but My soon to be kindergartner is our last so it feels very final to me. No more babies at home, and it rips my heart to shreds.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is much harder for me than for her.

  6. Good for you mama! It is easily as hard on us as it is on them. You did great walking away confidently. Our kids feed off our own emotions and we can help them most by modelling strength in these situations

  7. Jennifer L says:

    Congrats to both of you for being so brave. It is very hard and sometimes I think it really is harder on mom. I sent my son to school two years ago (he will be graduating kindergarten next tuesday) and my daughter last fall..

  8. Jayda says:

    Aww touching! My youngest starts JK this fall…she hid behind me as well at her orientation and I almost cried a few times at it. They grow up too fast.


  9. Shari G says:

    We aren’t doing this sort of visit until next September, and it’s an interview type thing. – SASS

  10. Annie1 says:

    ahh, the memories! I remember taking my eldest to kingergarten way back in the day..I cried after I left, but she was fine lol

    Good Luck!

    Anne Taylor

  11. el03ro says:

    August 7-My children are grown adults but I still remember the first day of school, especially Grade one. I had a little knot in my tummy until they came home and announced (Most of the time) that school was ok. This happened each year while my children were small. I think most parents go through this every year and breath a sigh of relief when the child is ok with teacher and school -el03ro

  12. Tinatchick says:

    It’s a big moment for both parent and child. I found it even harder with my youngest, because it was my baby starting school – but he had absolutely no fear.

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  15. kathy downey says:

    I think Mom and child both need preparation,it’s a huge step for both.

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