Arbonne Makes GOOD Shakes!

At the beginning of my Getting Healthy Challenge, I was on a hunt for a healthy and tasty protein shake as recommended by City Mom.

She recommended Arbonne Shakes and I was lucky enough to get my paws on a few samples.

My two favourite things were the Chocolate Vitamin/Mineral Shake and the Vanilla Vitamin/Mineral Shake. These shakes are so yummy! When combined with a banana, some almond milk and some ice, I don’t even hesitate to say that they are the best shakes I’ve had so far on this journey.

The only thing that I have a difficult time with is the price, however there are quite a few servings in each container.

These powders mixed really nicely to create a smooth protein shake in seconds.

Do you have a favourite Arbonne product?

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3 Responses to Arbonne Makes GOOD Shakes!

  1. Janet C says:

    I like a protein shake made by North Coast Naturals. It’s sold at Loblaws and Independent (YIG) and I think I’ve seen it at Shoppers too. I’m not sure what the price but it’s not rediculous, I know that for sure.
    It’s an all natural 100% ISO protein shake and I buy the unflavoured and mix it in the blender with banana, blueberries or whatever fruit I have, yogurt and ice – yumm! It’s also a Whey protein which I really like.
    In a scoop (~28g) there is no sugar, 24g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates, 60mg of sodium, 110calories.

  2. Annie1 says:

    I’ve not tried Arbonne Shakes, mainly because of the cost unfortunately. They sound amazing!


    Anne Taylor

  3. Mmm you know I love them too! And the vanilla is my fav! It goes with more things.

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