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When I was in Grade 9 going into Grade 10, my parents sent me to Music Camp with a good family friend of ours. My parents were very hesitant to send me, but as well as being a tad nervous, I remember being SO excited! It was just at the time of my life when I really needed some time away from home. Camp was a great place to send me because it was away from home, it was supervised and it was a growing and learning experience for me.

Not only did I get to play music for hours and hours each day, something that I absolutely loved, but I also had the opportunity to participate in numerous activities including swimming, archery and more.

I remember having the time of my life that year at camp. I wish they had sent me more!

I also remember feeling extremely jealous of my best friend who had the opportunity to go to Summer Camp every single summer. She continued to work at the camp after we turned 16, right through University. I remember feeling jealous of the friendships and connections that she made. I remember wishing that I had the opportunity to go away to camp every summer. She had nothing but positive things to say about her camp experiences and I know that she made life lasting memories while she was there.

Although my children are a bit young for overnight camp, I do hope that one day they express an interest in going. As much as it is hard for us parents to let go, camp experiences are such a wonderful opportunity for children to grow.

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  1. mar says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a great time at camp. Hopefully, your kids will love overnight as much as you did.

  2. You’re lucky to have experienced overnight summer camp. It’s pretty amazing how those #campmemories stay with you! Thanks for sharing.

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