Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 2 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

This post is written as part of a journey inspired by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s My Healthy Weight Action Plan, an online tool geared towards helping you live a healthier life. Feel free to get caught up on previous posts: Week 1

I survived Week 1 of my “Let’s Get Healthy” Challenge! YAY!

Start Weight: 190 pounds
End of Week 1: 185 pounds
Starting BMI: 28.9
End of Week 1 BMI: 28.1
I still need to do my other measurements.

For a few years now, I’ve read a number of bloggers who have tracked their “weight loss” or “path to healthier living” and I’ve always thought in the back of my mind, “Wow, they have a lot of guts. I could never admit my weight online!” Here I am, a few years later, having tried a few different “get healthy methods” and other than going on migraine medication (not for the purpose of weight loss!), nothing has helped me lose weight.

I’ve done some thinking this week about why I am overweight. Here is what I have come up with:

My Challenges:

  • I have no will power when it comes to food.
  • I lack proper portion control.
  • I often find myself eating because something tastes good or I have a mental craving, not because I actually hungry.
  • I have a sweet tooth.
  • I emotionally eat.
  • I like my carbs.
  • I’m not a big “exercise” fan.

How am I going to address these challenges? I’m not 100% sure, I am going to figure that out as I go on this My Healthy Weight Action Plan journey. This week, I kept a log of my eating habits as suggested by the Online Tool. I liked how they offer you an online tracking tool or a printable “paper log” option. They also have you track more than just what you ate, but also quantity and any other factors that influenced your food choices (e.g. how you felt, where you ate).

Keeping a food log really did make me think about what I was eating. Not only was it good to look over my food logs, but it also affected my food choices, as I would second guess what the best choices would be. I will continue to track my eating habits this week. I need to try to find an app that I can bring with me wherever I go.

Changes This Week:

  • Started the day with a cup of hot water with 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Tried to ensure that I have protein (even a small amount) at every meal.
  • Ate small amounts more regularly.
  • Watched my portion size.
  • Snacked on healthier options like celery (and lots of it).
  • Drank lots of water throughout the day.
  • Repeated positive thoughts like “You are worth it” or “I can do this” inside my head when I found myself craving bad food choices.
  • Did a Zumba class and played DDR using our Xbox Kinnect (more on that another day).
  • Talked to other supportive and awesome people who are taking a similar challenge.
  • Looked up some healthier recipes to make (see one this coming Friday!)

My next step in the My Healthy Weight Action Plan journey is to answer some questions about my eating and activity levels to get some expert Healthy Eating Recommendations that work best for me!

So far, using this tool has been great for me. It has motivated me and educated me and is getting me started in the right direction.

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33 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 2 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

  1. Wow Amanda…good for you! I’m super impressed with your guts it took to write this post and publish it! This along with the online tool is sure to make you a success!

    You’re so not alone with the items you discovered about yourself. I have no will power and I’m a total emotional eater too! It’s a constant struggle!

    Good luck and congrats on your loss so far!

  2. Congrats! I am on the 17 day diet and also have hot lemon water as soon as I get up in the morning!

    I’d love for you to check out my Motivational Monday post!

    Let’s keep in touch, we CAN reach our goals this year!

  3. ~*Cee*~ says:

    I think you’re doing fabulous! Congrats on sticking to it and going hard into week two!! You CAN do it!! 😀

  4. Sober Julie says:

    Way to go sister!! We are going to succeed this time….by supporting each other.

    So proud of you for going public

  5. How exciting! Congrats on losing those first five pounds. Can’t wait to hear what you lose this week.

  6. You’re doing awesome!
    And i totally hear ya, i think we sound VERY similar(i have same love of sweets, etc etc)! only my weight is 195. ugh.

  7. Tarasview says:

    good for you! Lemon water is a brilliant idea- I’ve never thought of that before. I’m totally going to try that 🙂

  8. C says:

    Fabulous post, Amanda! Good for you! You are doing great! LOL! I sound like your personal cheerleader here!

    I’m with you on trying to get healthier. I’m off to Zumba tonight. Oh, and I also find I drink a lot more water if I have lemon in it. Totally psychological on my part, but it works!!! Looking forward to reading your posts about your journey 🙂

  9. Great first week – keep up the good work!

  10. way to go girl, you are on your way!

  11. MommyMatter says:

    Weight loss is one of the hardest things ever! You are doing awesome. Wish I had your drive.

  12. Alyssa says:

    Way to go! Best of luck with all your goals!

  13. JanetC says:

    Awesome idea!! You’ve inspired me to kick off a healthier eating spree…I’ve developed quite the sweet tooth since my three and a half month old was born and I need to tame it 🙂 Good luck and thanks for the extra inspiration!

  14. Omigosh. You are doing great so far m’dere. Those are great goals and you have a great loss. Keep it up. I find that when you have a great inner voice you will have great results. When you want to eat something not so great think about the overall satisfaction you’ll get from it. Or think of the longer term ones that you will feel much happier about. Such as feeling and looking great. 🙂

    Whoo HOO. You are doing great!

  15. OMG. Great must be my favorite word. :S

  16. Hey Amanda!

    Great job this week. One thing I learned about myself that I can share with you. I always thought I had no will power. I could never figure out how I could quit smoking but not quit eating foods that were bad for me. It turns out it’s not me at all and probably not you either but rather the kinds of food we eat, which make our bodies crave it more. When you’ve had a good week or two of clean eating you will see the difference. Your sugar cravings will drop and you crave healthier foods and lots of water. Our bodies are simply amazing. I am off to check out the Heart and stroke tool your talking about!

  17. Ms. Key says:

    Great progress so far, m’dear!!! 5 lbs in one week is incredible, you can see your body retaining less water and such from making healthier choices for the week! That’s the right start! Keep going, you’ll do great. I’m so interested in your weekly updates, I can’t wait to hear how well you do overall.

    And seriously, we WILL line dance in February and burn, burn, burn!

    I’ve been taking really healthy lunches to work, this morning I made sure to eat breakfast to start my day, and on Saturday Mr. Lock and I went to the gym in my building… I’m feeling renewed too, reading everybody’s motivational posts!

  18. Laural Dawn says:

    You’re doing awesome! And 5 lbs!! Amazing. (not that it’s about that of course)
    I’m so with you – emotional eater, love carbs … EMOTIONAL EATER!!
    As for workouts – have you tried the kettlebell workout? It’s one of my favourites – it’s short but burns a lot of calories and builds muscle. Amazing!
    BTW you inspired me to try something new this week so I signed up for a month of hot yoga.

  19. Laural Dawn says:

    PS My sister and I tried zumba for the wii. I’m pretty sure we burned more calories laughing than working out. but it was awesome.

  20. Kat says:

    Yay! You are rockin’ it! Isn’t Zumba great?! LOVE it! I have been looking up some new recipes too! You CAN do it! 😀

  21. Your determination is GOLD! You can definitely do this. Very brave of you to post about about the challenge – and motivating!

  22. I already commented earlier but wanted to give you some extra comment love from SASS!

  23. You are doing a great job! I love how honest you are… I know you can do this! SASS

  24. Katie says:

    wow 5lbs in a week!!! That’s great!!! Keep up the good work. I know you can do it just keep going and don’t give up!!! SASS

  25. Look at you go! I love Zumba, hope you had fun doing it.

  26. Losing 5 pounds in a week is awesome! I can completely relate to lack of ‘willpower’ over food. Up in Alaska, this time of year makes me want to eat high fat stuff and carbs like mad. No wonder my weight has inched up a few pounds since September.

    Keep up the good work….SASS

  27. ~*Cee*~ says:

    I’m starting the 17 day Diet tomorrow and already love to drink hot water with lemon!

    You’re doing so great!! Keep up the amazing work!

  28. Nicole says:

    Good for you!

    I’ve been on a Get Fit, Be Active, Stay Healthy kick! I too find that I struggle with being an emotional eater and staying accountable. It’s not easy to always stay on track, but with support (online and off) – you can do it! We will do it!

    I’m proud of your achievements. Baby steps, right?!

    – Nicole @ Domesticated Momma

  29. Nicole says:

    Meant to add SASS after my comment, but forgot. Oops!

  30. Nicole says:

    Meant to add SASS after my comment, but forgot. Oops!

  31. Jayda says:

    Yay Thats so awesome! Congrats on having a great week. I have one suggestion for looking for great recipes and it wont cost you anything if you have a library card. Check out The Biggest Loser Cookbooks. I have found some fabulous recipes and ways to decrease carbs and increase veggies. It even helped with increasing the families variety with meals.

  32. el03ro says:

    November 9-‘Let’s get healthy together, Week 2.’–I have started a food journal. I used to do it years ago but haven’t for a long time. A journal makes one think before making choices and tends to push you towards a good choice. I am hoping that, this time, I get down to goal and stay there. Thank you for sharing. Elva Roberts.

  33. el03ro says:

    November 9-‘Let’s get healthy together, Week 2.’–I have started a food journal. I used to do it years ago but haven’t for a long time. A journal makes one think before making choices and tends to push you towards a good choice. I am hoping that, this time, I get down to goal and stay there. Thank you for sharing. Elva Roberts.

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