Keeping Baby and Kids Safe: Tips to Use When Creating Your Baby Registry

Are you pregnant or do you have a young infant in your life? The post that I am going to share with you isn’t just for new parents, but also for caregivers and family! Safety is so very important when it comes to children. Accidents can happen so easily on their own, it is such a good idea to take as many preventative measures as you can.

My friend, MapsGirl has written an amazing post over at Kahoot Kids regarding Registering for Baby and the SAFETY (or lack there of) of some of the items on the market.

I strongly encourage you to head on over there and read this post. You might have an eye opener moment, I know I did and I honestly thought I was up to date with everything regarding general safety of baby items. I know that @MapsGirl would love some comments too – let her know what you thought of the article, share with her something that you learned.

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4 Responses to Keeping Baby and Kids Safe: Tips to Use When Creating Your Baby Registry

  1. Wendy S says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone!

  2. Thank you! It’s crazy how often the safety guidelines change & it’s nice to have a reminder of how important it is to make sure we always keep SAFETY first. -SASS

  3. Sober Julie says:

    This is so important, the safety guidelines change so often it’s great to have a place to reference.

    Mapsgirl is an amazing resource

  4. Precautions is better then cure.
    thanks for sharing wonderful tips to frustrated moms like me:(

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