goalforit.com – FREE online goal tracker, daily chore charts, list maker and more!

Have you ever considered creating a Chore Chart for your children? I just found a site where you can create chore charts and MORE for FREE!

Whenever my daughter has had something that she has been challenged with (e.g. staying in her bed at night time, drinking milk, keeping her room clean, etc.), I have often created some form of chart or check list for her to keep track of her accomplishments, behaviour etc. and it works! My daughter must be a visual learner like me and really thrives on seeing things written down and in front of her.

My charts have been somewhat boring compared to the ones that you can create online at Goalforit.com! You can pick a colour for your chart as well as a fun theme. You can also create a point system if additional rewards are something that will help you achieve the goal.

I really like how you can select to receive a daily, weekly or monthtly email reminder to keep you on task with your chart too! The charts can be completed online OR printed off to be done by hand.

Goalforit.com has Daily Goals Charts, Lists and Chore or Behaviour Charts for Kids.

Chore charts can help to teach children responsibility, understanding right from wrong, healthy habits and money lessons (using the point system).

So, because I am on a “Get Healthy Kick”, I decided to create a “Drink Enough Water” Chart. I love all of their icons in the list of different kinds of charts you can create. Here is my chart for the week:

What type of charts or lists do you like to create?

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2 Responses to goalforit.com – FREE online goal tracker, daily chore charts, list maker and more!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So are you Canadian? I ask because I have tried the goalforit.com site and unless you have a zip code you cannot access the site… not friendly for Canadians as of yet. Hope that changes soon

  2. Yes I am Canadian – it will be hopefully coming for Canadians soon. I was given a Zip Code to enter so that I could test it out.

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