Spark Your Imagination Story Starters (3 yrs +)

Do you like to think “Outside of the Box”? Would you like to help your children become creative thinkers and good problem solvers? The Canadian inventors of Spark Your Imagination Games have created three amazing tools that help you achieve this with ease and FUN!

Spark Your Imagination activities come in three styles:
Original Spark Story Starters – $11.99
This deck of cards includes 50 open-ended scenarios designed to kick-start imagination, encourage problem-solving and get kids talking.

SUPER Story Starters – $13.99
This set of 24 story starters offers simpler scenarios and illustrated visual cues to help younger and non-verbal children.
(Ages 3+)

Story Starters DRAW – $17.99
Creativity loves company! Big enough for an entire crowd to join in (and no right-way up!), this set of scenarios from our original series is designed to encourage creative thinking in kids (and parents). Draw, colour or paint your masterpieces. Set includes 10-22″x28″ drawing sheets. (Ages 5+)

Taken directly from Spark Your Imagination website.

WE received the Original Spark Story Starters (a small deck of cards) and the Super Story Starters Larger cards for review.

Spark Your Imagination

I love the smaller deck of cards and we will be using these on many future road trips! They are small enough to keep in the car and they provide for the perfect distraction for restless and impatient travelers. I love how the prompts, scenarios and questions really help to kick start a young child’s problem solving skills and creativity at the same time. These Original Spark Story Starters would make a perfect stocking stuffer gift!

I really like the Super Story Starters because not only do they include a word propmpt, but they also include a picture which can help the younger (or slightly less creative or willing) children a great place to start their thinking process. Some people (I am one of these people) are visual learners and when they are prompted with something visual, their learning can extend that much further. These Super Story Starters are definitely for this type of person.

When I heard about these fun cards, I was so excited! They are perfect for traveling, for a rainy day or when a child is bored looking for an activity to keep them occupied. These cards can also be a great activity for a family to do together, during those ever so crucial family quality time moments.

To find out where to purchase Spark Your Imagination Games, go to the Online Store Locator.

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  1. Fan R. says:

    I also like the smaller deck of cards. It is useful for road trips, a doctor’s office, in a car or when riding subway.

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